Benziger Thinking Styles Assessment. personality quiz,enneagram,managing personal change,personal development Dr Katherine Benziger takes a completely. Dr Katherine Benziger takes a completely different approach to thinking styles assessment, which in complete contrast to the theoretical and philosophical basis . Benziger’s Thinking Styles Assessment identifies four brain types, each of which comes along with specific strengths and preferences.

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Meets deadlines through following schedules and processes. Caring, family human spirit, participation, meaningful, personal growth, sharing, teamwork Self-Perception: Can appear labored, bureaucratic, or obstinate.

This seems to be stylds obvious when the person in question is a double left or a double right thinker. Arlene Taylor is a nurse who has been working in wellness for almost two decades.

Benziger’s Thinking Styles Assessment

Obvious examples of fthe low volume situations in which introverts thrive are: Feeling 3 frontal right Internal imaging Metaphor and imagination Expressiveness Sees the essence of things, in pictures and metaphors. Self – Awareness By Dr. When they do this in practice they will be using more areas of their brain, and also, when they do this, the competencies outside their natural lead are always very draining.

The term basal is used to indicate that all quadrants are equally important. And, even those who are, have other issues and challenges that result from their multi-skilled nature. While there are many jobs that can be handled beautifully by this person, there are areas where a Basal Left thinker may be out of his or her element.

Very likely, this is someone who will work hard to climb the corporate ladder by checking off a variety of achievements along the way. I highly recommend this book and Dr.


Outside of that one style, we may have strengths and weaknesses which are based on what competencies we have been exposed to, or developed, and assexsment which competencies we have not been exposed to. Knowing your own strengths gives you confidence to take on responsibilities and projects in your own skill areas.


Dr Benziger refers to the natural specialized area as the asseasment thinking and behavioral mode. Critical, unemotional and uncaring, power-focused, calculating and manipulative, hard, cool, distant, intelligent if introverted.

They turn on the radio while reading, or move to a noisy place to bwnziger. Understanding your own brain type, and therefore your natural strengths and weaknesses, is helpful for: Today’s Top Picks for Our Readers: If a particular job calls for the employees to frequently adapt on-the-fly, it might not be a good fit for someone in the Basal Left category.

Manages resources to achieve objectives. They trust their feelings most of all, and they have a need for solid personal relationships.

Benziger Thinking Styles Assessment

Industrious, productive, reliable, thorough, dependable As Seen By Others: Another lack of balance occurs with some people who tend to “over-interpret” results and this is also unhelpful.

Immune system alterations 4. Quizes and assessment tools Here is a cross-section of some of the main personality quizes and assessment sryles.

As a rule people with such developed patterns find and make friends easiest, because there are simply more of them around than any other developed brain patterns.

Knowing your preferred style will help you approach problems and decisions with the right mindset so you can be more successful. Can be a soft-touch, making too many personal sacrifices, and can find it difficult to say no.



Send me an at: For ease of comparison between Benziger’s and Jung’s models the same colours are used for corresponding ‘functions’ or ‘styles’, although these colours were not part of either theorist’s concepts.

Communicates in writing, detailed. Multiple Intelligences Further Resources Here is another research based personality quiz that is available online together with extensive resources: She has been studying Falsification of Type and its costs for more than a decade in collaboration with Dr. So it is important to remember that these approaches and tools bemziger aids to understanding overall personality, preferences, strengths and assezsment styles – and this is always a subtle and complex mixture in each individual person.

The content below is going to take a closer look at each of the four modes. Within Benziger’s model the specialized areas are called ‘modes’.

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