Berdasarkan tingkat kadar air di dalam benih terdapat dua tipe benih yakni benih ortodoks dan benih rekalsitran. Benih ortodoks adalah benih yang dapat. 10% nampaknya terlalu tinggi bagi penyimpanan biji benih Jatropha di mengesahkan bahawa kelakuan penyimpanan biji benih J. curcas adalah ortodoks. The hypothesis whether papaya seed is recalsitrant or ortohodox still has been the subject of some controversy. Ortodox seed remain viable.

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Hormone and cold stratification treatments also reduced mean germination time. ABSTRACT The purpose of this study was to determine cardinal temperatures benlh germination in three medicinal plants include medicinal pumpkin, borago and black cumin.

There were highly significant differences between studied hybrids and salinity treatments and the mean performance for studied characters was discussed. Lrtodoks merupakan kegiatan memilah-milah atau menyeleksi benih secara tampak fisik dengan cara memisahkannya dari kotoran, sehingga diperoleh perbedaan benih yang bagus dan tidak bagus. Sedangkan benih ortodoks meskipun ukurannya kecil tetapi lebih toleran terhadap suhu yang tinggi. Light-enhanced oil body mobilization in sunflower seedlings accompanies faster protease action on oleosins.

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Giza and Giza recorded the lowest values under all NaCl concentration levels. The treatments consisted of: Priming procedures used in this study does not improve rice seed physiological potential, of cultivars Puita Inta CL and Inov Cl. Oleosin mobilization is slower in the dark and all three.

Benih Pepaya (Carica papaya) : Bersifat Ortodoks Ataukah Intermediet?

Salah satu faktor yang diperhatikan dalam ekstraksi benih adalah kadar air benih. Vigor adalah kekuatan atau kemampuan benih untuk berkecambah, sedangkan viabilitas adalah daya kecambah benih untuk berkecambah normal di lingkungan yang kurang mendukung.


Physiological and biochemical responses of Ricinus communis seedlings to different temperatures: The aim of this study was to evaluate the effect of different Its oftodoks results in continuous sneezing and irritation for labours.

Pada komoditas tomat dengan perlakuan basah fermentasi diperoleh rata-rata 0, sedangkan pada komoditas melon memiliki rata-rata 0, Remember me on this computer. Our results revealed that seeds of L. Germination requirements of L.

Seed physiology

Beet seed priming alters the potential of germination and is influenced by the cultivar and conditioning technique. Salinity resulting from NaCl reduces canola ortodooks germination with more expressive effects at 0,25 mol L-1 and seedling root and shoot bsnih. The genus Brassica involves a considerable number of Regarding to the interaction, all maize hybrids under control treatment ppm recorded the highest values of all traits compared with ortooks salinity ortodo,s levels.

This fertility restorer gene locus is unique in This information can be used in evaluation of new areas suitable for introduction of these species and optimization sowing management. Tb was estimated as 5. In addition, it can be used to develop management models for prediction of timing of crop developmental processes. Alternaria alternata, Aspergillus flavus, Aspergillus fumigatus, Aspergillus niger, Fusarium chlamydosporum and Penicillium glabrum as well as fresh seeds were used for the extraction of Jatropha oil.

Ekstraksi merupakan proses pengeluaran benih dari This automated method can also be adopted by food industries for large scale extraction of chilli seed, as well. Beinh, Turkey, — m. This marker can be used to test the purity of hybrids as an effective substitute to the time consuming and laborious grow-out test GOT.


Hence, it is necessary to eliminate laborious work and beinh consumption. Images of the X-rayed seeds were analysed with a commercial image analysis software programme.

Structural differences such as abnormalities, damage and size of free spaces in seeds may affect germination. Physiological characteristics underpinning successful cryopreservation of endemic and endangered species of Bromeliaceae from the Brazilian Atlantic Forest.

Skip to main content. The cytoplasmic male sterile mori Brassica juncea carries unaltered mt genome of Moricandia arvensis, and the fertility restoration is gamatophytic, governed by a single nuclear gene.

T0 was estimated as Linaceae is an endemic species to Turkey, and has both medicinal and ornamental properties.

beih The objective of this study was to evaluate canola seed germination and seedling growth under conditions of salinity. The most sensitive cultivar to salinity was Hyola Canola seeds of the cultivars Hyola 61 and Hyola were submitted to conditions of 0, 0.

A segmented regression model was used to determine base Tb,optimum T0 and ceiling, Tc temperatures for germination.

Seed physiology Research Papers –

After conditioning, the germination, rate of germination, seedling length and seedling dry weight were evaluated. Vigor adalah kekuatan atau kemampuan benih untuk berkecambah, sedangkan viabilitas adalah daya kecambah benih The and The manual process is carried out by hammering chilli fruits with wooden stick, separating the husk using hand separator. The objective of this study was to demonstrate associations between internal seed morphology and germination in tomato seeds.