Midi Foot Controller FCB – read user manual online or download in PDF format. Pages in total: (detailed upgrade instructions in a separate document on our website). First time When using the FCB/UnO ControlCenter (our Mac or PC editor) the 2-state or. MIDI FOOT CONTROLLER FCB This symbol, wherever it appears, alerts you to important operating and maintenance instructions in the accompanying.

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Behringer Midi Foot Controller FCB1010 Owner’s Manual

The first version of the pedal essentially worked, but there were a few minor bugs in the firmware, most notably having to do with the Expression pedal functionality. This works fine if you like the factory presets and don’t need to make any changes to the presets.

So you press button 1 to start configuring what goes out on that channel. If you copy a preset, these settings will be copied as well. Finally push expression pedal B down and confirm pressing UP. So if you want button 5 to send out Program Change 5, press the 0 button and then the 5 button to choose that.

At this point, you should have had your “AHA! Those users have had to open the unit and tweak the position of the LED to restore normal function of the expression pedals. But since you can program a button to send only Control Change data, you can use them to turn effects on and off. Once you have completed these steps, you can assign either pedal to effects parameters within the G-Major.

Release the switches when the display blanks. There are Factory presets in the G-Major. The display is not programmable, and in fact only displays which bank you are currently working with. These procedures are detailed below. The display will show you MOD 1, 2 ,3 or 4. Once you set the program change value and pressed the Up button, the LED’s behrinher back to showing the programming status.


Views Read Edit View history. If you want to make changes to a factory preset, you can edit it, then save it to a User preset. If you want to transmit other commands in this preset, press the relevant functions behronger until the red LED lights up seconds. But this two digit number is the program change message that will go out when you press button 5 remember, we’re programming button 5 here.

Decide which group of presets you wish to use and select the appropriate option within the Program Bank menu. Obviously, you can choose to set button 5 to ANY program change message from bfhringer to at this step.

Only effects parameters for the ‘activated’ effects can be assigned. The good news is that Behringer have been forthcoming with EPROMs for those who have had their pedals for less than a year, and for a very minor fee for the rest of us.

The minimum firmware version would be 2. Behringer responded by releasing new firmware that attempted hehringer rid it of bugs, and add some new features.

You can ask for help in dividing this book in the assistance majual room. Do not worry about what is displayed here! Please visit the FCB Yahoo group http: However, its features and durability place it more toward the upper middle of the pack, if you are willing to put up with a few quirks.

Behringer FCB1010 User Manual

As we noted earlier, buttons 8 and 9 have their LED’s illuminated as well. Behringer uses quite a bit of hot glue to secure components in place.


Retrieved from ” https: From Wikibooks, open books for an open world. Keep footswitches 1 and 3 pressed while switching on the unit This bit you can’t do standing up! There are more capable MIDI pedals on the market, but they are easily twice to six times the price.

Perhaps another writer will fill in the original ship date. Policies and guidelines Contact us. At this point, you will see a list of the various effects parameters that can be modified.

User presets are blank and can be edited and saved for future use. You also have to remember this! But you can choose any other active function to program at this point. Here’s how you set them up:. The left number is steady, and the right number is blinking. You can help make it neutralrequest assistanceor view the relevant discussion. Wait until relay switch test is finished.


These settings are Global, meaning that they are present within all presets in the G-Major. In step 2 above, you hold the Down button for a couple seconds, and you should see step 3 the green LED for the switch flashing. Allows you to select between Factory or User presets.

To keep costs down, Behringer left out a way to reprogram the firmware fch1010 the board, so replacing the firmware must be done by replacing the EPROM.