Classic Battletech: Technical Readout: (FAS) [Clare W. Hess, Dale L. Kemper, Jim Long, Blaine Lee Pardoe, Boy F., Jr. Petersen] on Technical Readout /Battletech: The Return of Kerensky [J. Andrew Keith, Jim Musser] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Details all the . BattleTech Technical Readout: Upgrade,. Classic BattleTech, BattleTech, ‘ Mech, BattleMech,. MechWarrior and WK Games logo are registered trademarks .

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Featuring technologies rarely seen outside the testing fields or Solaris arenas, these new war machines provide a peek at the new age to come as mankind faces a new century. Instead, they have honed batgletech weapons to a keener edge since their departure, and the objective of these warrior clans is nothing less than domination of the Inner Sphere!

BattleTech: Technical Readout 3050

If excessively worn, they will be marked as “tray worn. Until mid-7th Grade, lunch meant eating quickly, then heading outside seeking something to alleviate boredom and avoiding bullies. Each machine is illustrated in detail, accompanied by a description of 30500 history, capabilities, game stats, along with their most famous pilots.

Phil rated it liked it Mar 24, It had a massive variety of pieces with various weapons, speeds, armor ratings, reaeout special abilities and, if you weren’t satisfied with the hundreds of 0350 they provided, extensive, balanced rules for creating techjical own mechs. If you have any questions or comments regarding grading or anything else, please send e-mail to nobleknight nobleknight. Damian May rated it it was ok Dec 17, This book is not yet featured on Listopia. Very well used, but complete and useable.


From cargo trucks to tanker airships, airborne MASH to communications satellites, armored transport rails to coastal patrol boats, hauler exoskeletons to AgroMechs, even hover and wheeled police cruisers or civilian vehicles conscripted to the military: The Clans and other Houses have also been busy, as the internal and external conflicts drive the rapid deployment of new military hardware.

BattleSpace rules clarifications and record sheets are also included. Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account.

Now, other Clans will quickly field this potent new weapons against the Inner Sphere, hoping to once more tip the balance of power in their favor. Thanks for telling us about the problem.

In the years that followed, the Inner Sphere’s Successor States battled for supremacy, waging terrible wars that claimed millions of lives and crippled their technological knowledge and manufacturing capabilities.

PDF Preview Available MechWarriors receive all the glory; aerospace fighters are a close second; vehicles are considered the workhorses of any military; infantry are even given their day in the sun readkut the minds of the common citizen. And over it all, Clan Battletechh continue to prove they are still the cutting edge of technology. Inner Sphere ‘Mechs, hastily upgraded with field modifications to counter the Clans, continue to prove their worth.

BattleTech: Technical Readout , Buy it just for on our shop

Featuring new technologies found in Era Report: On February 5,the Mackie obliterated all opposition during its first combat trial, ushering in a new era of warfare. Fair Very well used, but complete and useable. In the end, Terra had been freed with the Word of Blake scattered to the darkest corners of the universe. Extremely well used and has major flaws, which may be too numerous to mention.


However, nothing enhances the visceral feel of a game than miniatures. Frank Johnston rated it liked it Jul 28, Also included are construction rules for building new Mechs using the awesome new weapons, armor, and heat sinks that are available.

Each fully illustrated entry in these reference books contains complete BattleTech game statistics. Jim rated it liked it Aug 16, John Andrew Keith was an American author and games developer Only time will tell if these new designs will be enough to turn the tide when battle is joined once again.

If excessively worn, they will be marked as “card worn.

Conventional infantry make their Technical Readout debut with fifty-six individual infantry formations from classic foot infantry to xeno-planetary soldiers.

Matt Cooper rated it really liked it Feb 27, When the RPG came out around college times for me we even tried out a short lived mercenary game. Featuring new and matured technology, and presented in this series of faction-specific PDFs, these combat units will add excitement and variety to any game table.

Project Phoenixfeaturing brand-new rechnical and additional variants. This revised edition has been updated with an overview of the Jihad and Republic era, up tocovering its effects on support vehicle production and various efforts to use them as weapons of war.

Justin Crandall rated it it was amazing Nov 27,