10 “Learn The Real Science Behind Keeping A Battery In Good Shape For A Theoretically Unlimited Number Of Charge Cycles – The Battery. Peter Lindemann’s new lecture is finally available. The Battery Secrets lecture was filmed at the last Bedini conference in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho. Peter Lindemann has over 35 years experience teaching, researching and Therefore, by posessing this information in BATTERY SECRETS, you will actually .

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Hi Aaron, thanks, it would actually be great having John or Peter clarify a few things that have been confusing people for quite a long time. Liberty Lake, Washington Posts: Aaron, Is this different from what is presented in the “battery bible” http: Its effect on the battery is quite different. In response to the impedance resistance in the cells, the inductive collapse will produce an ever rising voltage to overcome it. Because as it stands, the: I will be at the next one if I’m one of the lucky ones to get in on the first come, first served list.

Maybe some isn’t new but Peter made it make sense to people in a way that they actually understand. If it’s charged with HV voltage pulses from a cap I would think the battery partially self-charges and would have to be considered negatively charged, even if from a cap, correct?

For me, it solidified what I had already read in the Battery Bible pter helped me undertsand more about batteries. I go battety into the following topics: I have no problem with people compiling data and sharing it for a nominal amount, as in the case of the video presentation.

Battery Rejuvenation Suggested Retail. Bedini-Lindemann Conference Anyway, this is an incredible lecture. Last edited by Aaron; at Your battery swap example doesn’t sound right to me as in the end if like you said you don’t take into account the mechanical you’re left with less total energy.


For anyone interested in Bedini’s battery charging technology, this video lecture is a must have. Battery Secrets Suggested Retail. Originally Posted by Aaron It is in sync.

People cannot get Peter’s experience or perception working with John during the development of these chargers and how a lot of that information fits in the context of real life applications. If you had a lead acid battery for example that lasted for 50 years without needing to be replaced, that would sabotage their profits. Just want to differentiate between compiled research, which I have tons of, and fresh material, which is rare.

But the fact of the matter is that conventional lead acid batteries are actually about as perfect as they need to be and it was never a problem with the chemistry, it was ALWAYS a problem with how they are being charged. John has always said that the direct SG coil output charges btatery batts with negative energy which couldn’t be used on the front end to power the SG once chargedand that the added cap pulser would convert the output to positive energy, so that the charged battery could be used in a conventional manner to power things SG includedthis I take it that if the cap is abttery say 20 or 24V above the battery so that the battery stays in good shape but positive.

Battery Rejuvenation by Peter Lindemann

Battery Secrets Please note that when you get the video, you must select the video scale options in your video player for 2. I think anybody who is working with batteries needs lindemsnn know this information, otherwise you just won’t get the results you are after.


With the digital products, I usually put the systems together and make the announcements. Nine years ago, I started to work with John Bedini, a legend in the exotic energy technology field, builder of the highest quality solid state audio amplifiers in the world and creator of the most efficient battery chargers that were ever made.

For instance, what is the difference of what is happening in the battery if it is pulsed by the coil output spikes as opposed to being pulsed secrtes a small HV petet

Learn the real explanation of how a lead-acid battery is damaged by repeated incomplete charging. Peters lecture opened my eyes on a few things.

Battery Secrets by Peter Lindemann – Energetic Forum

Your details will never be shared, period. There is no ‘Try’ “.

On top of that in the first EFV video John has stated that it turned out that direct charging direct coil output was the way to go. Here is the simple truth. Peter Lindemann has over 35 years experience teaching, researching and developing alternative energy technologies.

Have you confirmed that the audio is in sync in this video? Battery Secrets by Peter Lindemann Over the last few years with many of our Tesla Charger customers, a book or other presentation on what the battery chargers do to the batteries has become the most requested topic out of any that we have received – across all categories.