FDMA is not vulnerable to the timing problems that TDMA has. Global Systems for Mobile communications (GSM) uses the TDMA technique. TDMA, FDMA, and CDMA TDMA requires a centralized control node, whose primary function is to transmit a .. CDMA: basic principles. Basics of TDMA, FDMA and Uploaded by Manas Das. Copyright: . Chapter 2-GSM System Principles and Call Flow. Uploaded by. Sourabh Ohri.

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Wireless Communication Multiple Access

The system gets a call, it allocates a unique code to that particular conversation, now the data is split into small parts and is tagged with the unique code given to the conversation of which they are part of.

Now it divides each cellular channel into three time slots that means three calls get put on a single frequency and then, a time slot is assigned to each call during the conversation, a regular space in a digital stream.

The only request is plz maintain your dignity and mine as well in the words you use! Abid Jamal October 12, at Single frequency is used for single call CDMA: Wireless Communication – Multiple Access Rdma.


Learn about basics – Telecom and Smartcities: Difference between FDMA, CDMA and TDMA

Though should your description of the diagrams read: I find them very interesting. Now, this data in small pieces is sent over a number of the discrete frequencies available for use at any time in the specified range.

The combinational sequences called as hybrid are also used as another type of spread spectrum.

Thanks for sharing your articles. I really like your posts. A cellular system divides any given area into cells where a mobile unit in each cell communicates with a base station.

They have knowledge and information. Harish Bathe November 25, at 5: Single frequency is used for single call.

Andy Volodin October 22, at 4: It is imperative that we read blog post very carefully. This division is done between non ggsm frequencies that are then assigned to each communicating pair 2 phones.

Spread spectrum multiple access SSMA uses signals which have a transmission bandwidth whose magnitude is greater than the minimum required RF bandwidth. I hope that you can upload new posts. Ankush Sharma October 28, at I thought its too difficlt to undrstnd thease tchnlgy This technology enables three different users to use one frequency at the sgm time.


I choose to follow cdms writing because they bring me what I want. Have tried to explain the above technologies via a diagram which is below: I hope the difference is clear now: Hello Welcome to my blog! It obvious that for ranking a site we need good quality back links and this list helps a lot for this purpose Moto Beach Ride WarehousePanic.

Wireless Communication – Multiple Access

I love to get corrected and so, plz do not think a bit before commenting on anything you think I have mentioned is wrong. Prabha K C May 16, at 9: Your posts help me open my mind. I would be grateful. Manish Sharma November 28, at Also, if somewhere while going through any of the posts, you feel that something is wrong, plz feel free to comment then and there. I will try to put it in a very simple way J. FDMA is used mainly for analog transmission.