Keywords: Negotiation, mediation, ADR, teaching, communication, questioning, active listening, cartoons, optical illusions, samurai, Barkai. The following is a PowerPoint presentation about the 36 Chinese Strategies as applied to negotiations that I have used many times. You can find more about. Barkai, John, Cultural Dimension Interests, the Dance of Negotiation, and Weather Forecasting: A Perspective on Cross-Cultural Negotiation.

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If you want to lift yourself up, lift up someone else. President William Howard Taft, Fictional: What can you do for me?

“Teaching Negotiation and ADR: The Savvy Samurai Meets the Devil” by John Barkai

What do you barkaj want? However, if her willingness to litigate is overplayed, a lawyer risks alienating the other side and forcing a trial where a settlement would have been both possible and desirable.

Friendly, but often too absorbed in what they are doing to be sociable. A negotiator might take some action and then claim that he did not know that he was doing something in a way that the other side would object to. Avoid abrasiveness, which often breaks down negotiations. Paper bulls-eye targets were regularly blasted to bits barrkai back of the shop.


Mine were lessons from a pawnshop, what were yours?

Negotiation Handout – University of Hawaii

This is what we recommend… I can. Ask problem-solving questions, such as “Why is it that you want that? Flinch to create doubt in the counterpart’s mind and to add value to a concession. Could you tell me what you need? Demanding satisfaction of a precondition may not only gain a concession without cost, it may also reveal how eager the other side is to secure a deal. The Mature, adult Self. Have you thought through the consequences?

Power is linked to commitment.

To get this going, I’ll be flexible on this. Make transparent first offer; problem-solving or insult zone 6.

Rather than trying to change his mind brkai direct pressure, you change the environment in which he makes decisions. One sister takes all the juice and the other takes all the peel.

Examples of life goals: What are you willing to do to resolve this dispute? My Dad was an excellent marksman. Good Guy, Bad Guy One person acts tough, a second person acts nice – hoping barkal induce a concession.


You have to complete a change request if you want that to be added to the project. Don’t let them read your cards by reading your face.

Negotiation Handout – University of Hawaii

Determine who has more power. A good negotiator must consider the knowledge and likely strategy of the other side, but this is hard to do when our opponents know something we don’t and can use the information to selectively accept or reject our offer. Ngotiation exactly are you after? Conversation in the United States is a negotiaion exercise in which the first person to draw a breath is considered the listener. H wanted an inexpensive cabin; W wanted a luxury hotel.

By carefully considering what you want to communicate, you can manage concessions to shape the message, particularly about how close you are to your bottom line.

Disarm him by stepping to his side.