BARECON 89 Standard Bareboat Charter revised (Printed in BIMCO Bulletin No. 2, ) BIMCO introduced the first standard bareboat charter. BARECON 89 (BARECON ). An amalgamation of BARECON A and BARECON B with alternative provisions applying to new building ships only. BARECON 89, Bareboat charter, Smartcon . NORGRAIN 89, Voyage charter, Grain, Dry cargo SUPPLYTIME 89, Offshore, Marine services, Time charter.

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The Vessel shall be employed between safe ports or berths always afloat.

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Hire Fees shall be as shown in Schedule 1. BARECON has a new clause allowing the charterers to “place a maximum of two 2 representatives on board the Vessel at their sole risk and expense” for “a reasonable period prior to delivery of the Vessel”.

The Charterers undertake to notify the Owners and the Mortgagee, if any, of any occurrences in consequence of which the Vessel is likely to become a Total Loss as defined in this Clause. The Owners hereby agree to indemnify the Charterers against any other loss or damage, costs, claims or other expenses suffered or incurred by the Charterers in connection therewith.

The rest of this document is only available to i-law. This Charterparty shall by governed by and construed in accordance with the Laws of the Republic of Singapore, both barecoon to barecno and as to procedure, and all disputes hereunder shall be referred to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Courts of the Republic of Singapore.

BARECON What’s new? : Clyde & Co (en)

Laytime Definitions for Charter Parties Contact IT support on: The charterers and their representatives are required to sign “the Owners’ usual letter of indemnity prior to embarkation”. The revisions made by BARECON to the earlier iteration of the form are helpful in clarifying the basis on which the parties are contracting and in reducing the potential for dispute. If during the period of this Charter the Charterer shall fail to maintain insurance as herein provided, brecon convene any meeting of or make any arrangement or composition with its creditors or enter into any liquidation or receivership, Barecoon Owners may without prejudice to any other right or remedy and without notice to the Charterer terminate this Charter and withdraw the Vessel from service.

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Maintenance BARECON had prescribed that, in the event of any structural changes or new equipment becoming necessary for the continued operation of the vessel by reason of new Class requirements or by compulsory legislation, the cost of compliance would if above a certain level be shared between the bbarecon in such a way as to achieve barecoon reasonable distribution” of the cost between them, bearing in mind the length of the period remaining under the charter period.

No conduct of the Owners or their representatives shall constitute any waiver of Owners rights under this clause.

Remember me on this computer. Comment The revisions made by BARECON to the earlier iteration of the form are helpful in clarifying the basis on which the parties are contracting and in reducing the potential for dispute. In its explanatory comments accompanying the new form, BIMCO says that “the representatives are there to familiarise themselves with the ship but without interfering with its operation”.

BARECON maintains the position under the form that the charterers cannot claim against the owners for not meeting any conditions, representations or warranties in relation to the vessel once delivery has taken place.


Specifications and Building Contract. For all the latest market analysis on global shipping including macro economics, tanker, container and dry bulk. The Charterers shall, subject to the approval of the Owners and the Underwriters, effect all insured repairs and shall undertake settlement of all costs in connection with such repairs as well as bxrecon charges, expenses and liabilities reimbursement to be secured by the Charterers from the Underwriters to the extent of coverage under the insurances herein provided for.

The Vessel shall be employed in lawful trades within the trading limits indicated in Box Please either try again later, or use the contact form to let bareecon know.

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Lien The Owners to have a lien upon all cargoes and sub-freights belonging to the Charterers and any Bill of Lading freight for all claims under this Charter, and the Charterers to have a lien on the Vessel for all moneys paid in advance and not earned. Subject as aforesaid the Charterers shall not be entitled to refuse acceptance of delivery of the Vessel and upon and after such acceptance the Charterers shall not be entitled to make any claim against the Owners in respect of any conditions, representations or warranties, whether express or implied, as to the seaworthiness of the Vessel or in respect of delay in delivery or otherwise howsoever.


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This obligation shall apply whether or not such requirements have been lawfully imposed by such government or division or authority thereof. Hire Fees shall not bwrecon payable by the Charterers until the Vessel arrives at Manila. The Hire Fees in Schedule 1 shall remain fixed and firm unless the parties mutually agree otherwise, and in that case Schedule 1 shall be replaced by a replacement Schedule 1 which shall form an bbarecon part of the Charter Agreement.

The inspection would determine the condition of the rudder, propeller, bottom and other underwater parts of the vessel. Latent defects Although the time of delivery is the latest point at which the charterers can raise claims relating to the condition of the vessel, an exception is made for “latent defects” — defined in BARECON unlike earlier baecon of bagecon form as defects “which could not be discovered on such an examination as a reasonably careful skilled person would make”.

General Average, if any, shall be adjusted according to the York-Antwerp Rules or any subsequent modification thereof current at the time of the casualty.

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Nothing herein contained shall prejudice the rights of the Mortgagee to exercise its rights of Mortgage against the Vessel. Non-Lien and Indemnity The Charterers will not suffer, nor permit to be continued, any lien or encumbrance incurred bqrecon them or their agents, which might have priority over the title and interest of the Owners in the Vessel.