Earth: Pleiadian Keys to the Living Library is their handbook to inspired living, calling on us to restore and return value to the human being, and to recognize the . by Barbara Marciniak . The cover was conceived of in due time by Peter Everly, while simultaneously the title was received by us – Earth: Pleiadian Keys to the. Barbara Marciniak – Earth Pleiadian Keys to the Living Library L’AURA PLEIADIAN – Shaken to the Core – The Magnetic Shifts and Your.

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Barbara Marciniak – Earth Pleiadian Keys to the Living Library

The firmament was created, and from the firmament came life. You must be able to operate with a higher electrical current inside your body. Relax your body and clear your mind. Skirmishes took place, and Earth became a place of conflict and duality. Matter is simply light that is trapped. Everything that keeps you from achieving something is simply an idea.

Each cell has the same potential to produce knowledge, and your cells are waiting for you to direct them.

I made work a burden for myself, subscribing to that old belief that if it’s not difficult, it’s not good.

Barbara Marciniak – Earth Pleiadian Keys to the Living Library – Higher Density Blog

Leave a space for memory to come into. Chafic Kaedbey rated it it was amazing May 01, Riding the Corridors of Time. Maciniak am processing my daughter’s father not being in our lives. Yet, even though this commonly occurs, it takes you a while to convince yourself that you do, indeed, know something.


Over time, an idealized form of civilization was transduced here on Earth to meet the greatest needs of the people.

Working on a book with them is the same as going to one of their workshops. The correspondence between the heavens and we inhabitants here on earth is more profound than perhaps we originally thought.

That’s the kind of signal that “someone” thinks it’s a good book for you to take home! Dec 03, Kat rated it really liked it. The dramas are released from cellular holding patterns that faithfully steer you into the very situations that are left unresolved and unforgiven.

Do you know how many people are living in the dark? I just wanted learn more and more about Pleiadians! I forced myself to come face to face with one of my biggest issues: Their teachings are significantly arranged in twelve chapters to trigger a deeper understanding of our ancestral lineage.

We remind you that your power ends where your fear begins. Reality is not designed to be gone. This creates stress, ill health, and aging. Life extension and the rejuvenation of cellular life are coming back into fashion.

You are being reorganized on a subatomic level. Then they seeded and implanted these civilizations on Earth by bringing the inhabitants from the stars. These gossamer threads are reorganized in your body through stimulation by rays and photons that come to the planet bringing cosmic energy. Notice how you feel and acknowledge your body’s innate wisdom speaking to you as a loving adviser, if only you would listen!


Thought may seem backwards, it is necessary in order for you to go through the evolution of your consciousness as a human being.

Jun 06, Emily Johnson rated it liked it. There is plenty of room for joy in all of existence, and this is a concept you are seeking to grasp.

Earth: Pleiadian Keys to the Living Library

Accept all that you create and know that there is opportunity in all things. All blueprints are formulated ahead of time, just like you, as the Family of Light, are actually on assignment following a plan designed by eagth.

In the past few years, multitudes have awakened, remembering a grand and significant purpose to life. You think you are flesh and bone when in actuality you are. Thanks for telling us about the problem. The endocrine system, which is eagth for the chemical responses to your emotional choices, will evolve.

Release everything and know that you have lived your life to the fullest. As you build your light body, a reorganization of your molecular structure occurs, loosening your grip upon materialism in order that a spiritual understanding may guide your day-today life. I also learned a new and deeper way to work as a team, and gained a deeper respect and love for Barbara and Karen, and for myself.