Dec 18, This page contains a thumbnail guide to all of the illustrations in the Toaru Majutsu no Index series by volume. Oct 30, October 13, — Index SS: Norse Mythology — Completed. October 15, — Railgun SS2: Shopping Mall Demonstration — Completed. Baka-Tsuki (BT) is a fan translation community that hosts translations for light novels in the Wiki format. Founded in by Thelastguardian (初代 – ).

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The flames that burned Richard headed back along the path the ysuki had taken, burned away the entire vending machine, and started to spread throughout the entire rest area. The blonde girl who looked about 12 stuck her slender, black stocking-covered legs under the thick blanket as she flipped through a magazine and cut up some reddish-brown yokan. Brief notes section for newly released light novel, Railgun chapters and revisions added to page. As a magician, I know.

Birdway must have gotten carried away due to Patricia being unable to see her because a dark smile spread across her face bama befitted the leader of an evil organization. Despite appearing to be an adult with a short temper, he is a tall teenager that hides his kind heart. On the other hand, the horoscope is currently unique. bzka

His achievements lie in setting up a defensive line along the Atlantic Ocean in order to prevent American magic cabals from invading England. She can really cry when she gets going.

Toaru Majutsu no Index:Volume SP – Baka-Tsuki

Only one portion of her mind is being forcibly held in place which is preventing the whole thing from moving. The power and range of his magic were set in response to the number of rune cards.

Almost all of the charismatic magicians in Europe gathered in one group. With a low noise, the flames travelled across the ground and the walls heading straight for Stiyl and the others. She should be a much easier target than us, but he ignored her. That meant it really was just a magical spiritual item created by carving runes into a normal sword.

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It was an iron treasure box with bak keyhole in it. Richard was not alone.

He rechecked the characteristics of the transport vehicle and its vehicle number. The meaning of the runes. When their life was in danger, people could not flee with such a calm rhythm.

They also often divided up roles with everything from providing funds and skills to securing a position in normal society. Most modern magicians did not use only the same materials as had been used in ages past for their magic. Miracle of Endymion which in turn inspired a PSP game tie-in and manga adaptation with 2 published volumes.

We wanted to seal them away if possible. A nearby man silently held something out. Stiyl rubbed the powder on his fingertips between his thumb and forefinger. You really got me there. All that was well and good, but it was only the beginning of fall. Yes, it has definitely already been attacked. By passing magic power through his own blood and activating the rune that defended against the flames, he had forced open the deactivation key hidden within the spell. Stiyl Magnus had truly destroyed the tsunami of flames.

The titular main heroine of the series. The site wiki and forums will be inaccessible during the maintenance. Secondhand smoke is harmful. There was no need to send it off to the science side. The next match, the next match! Or do you want me to pity you? There was a danger of the man determining his location by detecting the origin of the magic power.


She had likely headed there to recover the traitor after using the Drill of Rati, but she had run out of strength. Do you not even have enough leeway to do that? However, that was no longer happening. Before the official could give any kind of stereotypical protest, Stiyl switched off his cell phone. Stiyl used a finger to lift up one of her eyelids and then ran his index finger across her forehead.

His body had subconsciously ranked the damage that ached within it. A method that was considered valid one day would be considered unusable the next.

Toaru Majutsu no Index:NT Volume21 Illustrations

The website also has a forum, an IRC channel, and hosts original light novels and visual novel translations. He would be killed if bkaa could not think up with to deal with the man, but he did not have time to think. She is a nun from Necessarius, a secret magic branch of the Anglican Churchand her mind has been implanted with the Index Librorum Prohibitorum: Patricia seemed oddly stiff and Birdway grinned from behind her.

This page is for the first series of Toaru Majutsu no Index. Even though he was running as quickly as he could, the voice was at a constant but undetermined distance. They seemed to have determined that they might inrex track of Stiyl if they let him use his mirages. Richard did not enter the forest. As Richard produced such massive flames, it may have been absolutely necessary for him. Without you, Patricia Birdway is now defenseless.

The back had a set of double doors.