Folks, I came across an inspirational speech given by Mr. Azim Premji @ one of the convocation ceremony @ IIM Ahemdabad. Here is a link. Speech by Mr. Azim Premji @ IIM Convocation Ceremony. Filed under: Yogesh Hublikar @ pm. Speech by Mr. Azim Premji @ IIM. Distinguished Director and faculty of IIM- Kolkata, Guests, and my young friendsI am very Azim Premji’s speech at IIM Calcutta Convocation.

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Recounting his own experiences, he narrated an anecdote from the mid seventies when Wipro was a “small company” making vegetable oils. There are some developed nations, some developing and many under-developed.

Find this comment offensive? At the recent Earthian Awards in Bengaluru, Premji pemji many such creative questions from a room filled with school and college students. Girls take their careers more seriously.

Azim Premji exhorts management graduates to focus on ‘ordinary things’ – Business News

It requires a lot of relearning from you all the time. And girls, particularly in villages, take their careers even more seriously, once their parents give them the latitude to do that. And I do believe, that if each of us does whatever we can, within our capability, capacity and our constraints, to reach out to even one of our fellow underprivileged citizens, it can make an enormous difference to our country.

By the early s, we were being invited peemji all the top business school campuses for recruitment.

Well, I left college because I had to take over spfech responsibilities from my father, who died at very young, at the age of Being cheerful is an attitude. In one of the villages which we visited, the government school had organised a ‘baal mela’, a children’s fair. If you could ask Wipro chairman Azim Premji one question, what azimm it be?


While hailing innovations and big ideas, Premji said that “what really builds and sustains success, are the much ignored ordinary things” such as hard work, perseverance and basic honesty.

I don’t have a simple, compelling answer.

You have to laugh and find humour everyday. NIFTY 50 10, 2. There is extraordinary inequality, deprivation and injustice all around us, and I think we sepech to be conscious of this reality, because it is highly intelligent and capable people like you who are key to making our country better.

The fair was full of models and charts to explain various concepts in science. My experience suggests that this is quite wrong. Remember you have set these limits to your talent, not me. But if we can develop an index system by which we azmi least know with whom or where the knowledge is available, we have achieved quite a bit! It was an eye opener as to the resilient spirit of our people, which can be sparked with just the little intervention from outside.

But I realize now that you do not want any more corrections, which means that the last painting you did was the best you will ever do. Success comes from the ordinary Last updated on: Ina chartered plane, carrying a Speechh team crashed in the Andes.

Azim Premji: I have worked very hard and neglected my family: Azim Premji – The Economic Times

Tell us what you didn’t like in the comments. You are commenting using your Facebook account. How do you get luck? But never turn cynical. Once so stretched, you will realize the true extent of your potential.


The entire village had premjj involved in organising the fair. The difference between great achievement and mediocrity is not extraordinary talent or intelligence, but perseverance. Second, stay on course even if you stumble.

Azim Premjiā€™s speech at IIM Calcutta Convocation

It needs an eye for the smallest of details. At least some of those practices are no longer there. Let me also congratulate this excellent institute where you have been studying.

Business school graduates who joined us were given a clear understanding of the company they were joining. Innovation, big-ideas, being different, all have a place — and sometimes can be very important.

Development is a concept ilm relativity.

I have worked very hard and neglected my family: Azim Premji

It was simple and tasty food. What are the sacrifices that you make to reach this stage? This will alert our moderators to take action Name Reason for reporting: My experience says that the girls are always turning out to be smarter consistently. There are many people who are not satisfied in very developed countries.

Rather than trying to be everything to everyone, we must focus on areas where our talents truly lie.

How will they come back? Never miss a great news story! They had diversified into manufacturing soap azzim needed to build a team. That may be a good place to start, but I think it is necessary to have some genuine social engagement.