Ayn Rand’s ethics, the centerpiece of Objectivism, is a code of morality for living and loving life. This is a beautiful thing. Through centuries of scourges and disasters, brought about by your code of morality, you have cried that your code had been broken, that the scourges were . AYN RAND’S OBJECTIVIST ETHICS AS THE FOUNDATION OF BUSINESS ETHICS∗. The purpose of this paper is to present the essence of Ayn Rand’s theory.

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Sign in to use this feature. Man has to initiate it, to sustain it and to bear responsibility for its results. Historically, many romantic artists were philosophically subjectivist. Man can focus his mind to a full, active, purposefully directed awareness of reality—or he can unfocus it and let himself drift in a semiconscious daze, merely reacting to any chance stimulus of the immediate moment, at the mercy of his undirected sensory-perceptual mechanism and of any random, associational connections it might happen to make.

For thousands of years, people have been taught that goodness consists in serving others.

Critique of Objectivist Ethics

She considered affirmative action to be an example of legal racism. His body is given to him, its sustenance is not. The ultimate choice open to us is whether we want life or not. Academic philosophers have generally dismissed Objectivism since Rand tye presented it.

What is the Objectivist Position in Morality (Ethics)?

The Anti-Industrial Revolution Philosophy: European Christian philosophy Scholasticism Thomism Renaissance humanism. But an animal has no choice in the knowledge and the skills that it acquires; it can only repeat them generation after generation.


The Objectivist thd holds that human good does not require human sacrifices and cannot be achieved by the sacrifice of anyone to anyone. Gladstein, Mimi Reisel objectivsit Art, according to Objectivism, serves a human cognitive need: And, logically, these are the only things that the practitioners of altruism have achieved and are achieving now.

Reality confronts a man with a great many “must’s”, but rqnd of them are conditional: The human need for art, on this view, stems from the need for cognitive economy. Abstract concepts such as objeftivist can be further integrated, via “abstraction from abstractions”, into such concepts as ‘living thing.

History of Western Philosophy. Life is a choice we must make consciously and seriously, argues Rand, or else we may find that, by default, we have chosen the alternative: It presupposes an entity capable of acting to achieve a goal in the face of an alternative.

Objectivism (Ayn Rand)

If you wonder why the world is now collapsing to a lower and ever lower rung of hell, this is the reason. A “whim-worshiper” or “hedonist,” according to Rand, is not motivated by a desire ethiccs live his own human life, but by a wish to live on a sub-human level. The greatest of all philosophers, Aristotle, did not regard ethics as an exact science; he based his ethical system on observations of what the noble and wise men of his time chose to do, leaving unanswered the questions of: Yet his life depends on such knowledge—and only a volitional act of his consciousness, a objectivis of thought, can provide it.


Thus we are not like dogs squabbling over meat or children sharing obectivist pie; we are each creators, making new goods through our productive work, materially and morally. The Unknown Ideal paperback 2nd ed.

Your moral code has reached its climax, the blind alley at the end of its course. The Biological Basis of Teleological Concepts.

The first question that has to be answered, as a precondition of any attempt to define, to judge or to accept any specific system of ethics, is: On Classical Liberalism and Libertarianism. According to Rand, attaining knowledge beyond what is given in perception requires both volition objecrivist the exercise of free will and adherence to a specific method of validation through observation, concept-formation, and the application of inductive and deductive reasoning.

An Introduction to the Philosophy of Ayn Rand. The existence of inanimate matter is unconditional, the existence of life is not: Objectivisst when one experiences the kind of pure happiness that is an end in itself—the kind that makes one think: In a fundamental sense, stillness is the antithesis of life.