AWWA C Fiberglass Pressure Pipe, Includes Errata (). standard by American Water Works Association, 01/20/ View all product details. ASTM D and AWWA C requirements. Strain Corrosion Testing. A unique and important performance requirement for GRP gravity pipe used in sewer. PIPE AWWA Cpdf – Download as PDF File .pdf) or read online.

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The use of AWWA standards is entirely voluntary.

A thin mat of fine fibers used primarily to produce a smooth surface on a reinforced aqwa. Other materials that will not adversely affect the laminate performance may be introduced in the process during manufacture of the pipe.

When plant inspection is specified by the pur- chaser, the manufacturer shall provide the purchaser with adequate advance notice of when and where the production of ordered awa will commence. Longitudinal thrust is absorbed by separate means, such as tie-rods, etc.

Fiberglass Pipe Conforming to Awwa C950 Standard

Remember me on this computer. Other materials may be introduced in the process during the manufacture of the pipe, which will not adversely affect the laminate performance. Pressure classes described are 50,and psig, 1, 1, and 1, kPa.

Upper Limit Lower Limit 0, 0, An adhesive joint that is manufactured with a tapered socket for use in conjunction with an untapered spigot and a suitable adhesive. The Reinforced Plastics Committee found suffi- cient use and interest to support a recommendation that a standard be developed for fiberglass pipe. The beam-strength test is a design-qualification test required only when there is a significant change in the design or construction of the pipe.


Due to their excellent properties, GRP FRP or dual laminate piping systems can be used perfectly in several environments.

Standards Subscriptions from ANSI provides a money-saving, multi-user solution for accessing standards.

This edition approved June 17, Modifications to the axial tensile strength tests have been made to exclude the provisions for maximum thickness in ASTM D, the minimum axial elongation to failure has been set at 0. Filament Winding awwz Hand Lay up.

Producers of goods made in conformity with an American National Standard are encouraged to state on their own responsibility in advertising and promotional materials or on tags or labels that the goods are produced in conformity with particular American National Standards.

Need more than one copy? The manufacturer shall inspect one length per lengths of pipe before shipment for dimensions and tolerances outlined in Sec. The roving may be saturated with liquid resin or preimpregnated with partially cured resin. This standard is also cc950 to be included in Standards Subscriptions. Specimen width shall be appropriate to the diameter and wall thickness of the awa.

AWWA C – Fiberglass Pressure Pipe

The product-liner classification is determined by whether or not a liner is aww and, if used, whether it is a thermoplastic, reinforced, or nonreinforced thermoset. A fiberglass pipe without aggregate. Si shall be taken as the 95 percent lower-confidence level, back extrapolated to 0. Required axial strength for aboveground pipes subject to beam bending, or any pipes that must withstand longitudinal thrust loads or any unusual axial tensile forces, may exceed the values in Table AWWA publication of a standard does not constitute endorsement of any product or product type, nor does AWWA test, certify, or approve any product.


This standard describes the fabrication and the testing of nominal 1-in. c9950


This standard provides direction and guidance in selecting and purchasing fiberglass pipe for use as pressure pipe in water distribution including services and transmission systems for both aboveground and belowground installations. Unless otherwise agreed on by the purchaser and supplier, the manufacturer shall perform hydrostatic leak tests to all pipe sizes 1 in. You may delete a document from your Alert Profile at any time.

The polymer aswa cured by cross-linking using a free-radical-initiated curing qwwa, such as peroxide catalyst and heat.

AWWA C Specs – Beetle Plastics

Gold Member Since Special preparations needed for shipment Sec. In their latest editions, these documents form a part of this standard to the extent specified within the standard. In the latter case, tables are provided for steel-pipe-equivalent ODs, cast-iron ductile- iron -pipe-equivalent ODs, and metric ODs commonly used awsa international practice.

These tables include dimensions for pipe based on both inside and outside diameters.

You can download and open this file to your own computer but DRM prevents opening this file on another computer, including a networked server.

The end of a pipe test specimen with an end closure configuration such that internal pressure produces only hoop and radial stresses in a straight pipe test specimen. The third edition was approved on Jan. Send This is not what you are looking for? A tubular product containing glass-fiber reinforcements embedded in or surrounded by cured thermosetting resin.