Introduction Of Project Project Definition: Project title is ―AUTOMATIC ROOM LIGHT CONTROLLER WITH BIDIRECTIONAL VISITOR COUNTER ―. International Journal of Scientific and Research Publications, Volume 6, Issue 7, July ISSN Bidirectional Visitor Counter with Automatic. Project title is ―AUTOMATIC ROOM LIGHT CONTROLLER WITH. BIDIRECTIONAL VISITOR COUNTER ―. The objective of this project is to make a controller.

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Relay does not give any voltage output. Your email address will not be published.

Automatic Room light Controller & Person Counter

As per the current functionality of the project, lights will be turned on when there is one or more than one person viaitor room. Sir can you send me all detail about this project like source code, component and etc because i want make this project for project last year for my bidirecfional. Often we see visitor counters at stadium, mall, offices, class rooms etc. We can send this data to a remote location using mobile or internet. So that these places should not get visitorr crowded controllr avoid congestion.

In some specific seminar hall, conference rooms and study rooms, sunlight can not reach in daytime as well. Since this project does the automatic person counting with the help of two sensors installed on door frame. At the same time, the flip-flop brings the output pin 3 level to ‘high’. Zero condition means no one in the room. In the process of troubleshooting I found the circuit aptly soldered and connected ropm hence came to conclusion that there was error in programming section which was later rectified and the desired results were obtained.

I had issues with better or correct result, which I desired. An important aspect of the Arduino is its standard entering and exiting visitor of the auditorium or hall or other connectors, which let users connect the CPU board to a variety of place, where it is placed. LM is used as comparator. The reason behind choosing IR LED is, infrared beams are not visible to human eyes and they are not easily triggered by other sources in the environment.


I have the same problems. Can you please get me the modified code for counting the total number of persons entered in the controllr for a particular period.? In the website you have given a chart showing the placement of the circuit, in that picture the transmitter1 and receiver2 is on one side of the frame and vice versa.

I really need your help to complete my final year project. We can either use AC fan or DC fan as well. Learn the working of IR sensor module here. Circuit Explanation Bidrectional are some sections of whole visitor counter circuit that are sensor section, control section, display section and driver section. But then all these devices will be turned on or off at the same time. Quote and Order boards in minutes on https: And nidirectional a reverse way, person count will be decremented if somebody leaves the room.

Automatic Room light Controller with Visitor Counter

Sir, how will the code change accordingly if I use microcontroller in place of aurdino board. One relay driver circuit we are using to control the light. Receiver Circuit Sensors 1.

Since Microcontroller can not turn on relay directly, we have used a Relay driver circuit. Any IR sensor module should work here, please set the proper sensitivity of sensor by rotating the potentiometer on it. And the value shouldn’t go negative as there is condition for that in the code, please check.


You have to install one project for each room. When person enters room then sensor sequence will be as below: And if there insufficient sunlight in the room then only the relay will be turned on so as to turn on the bulb.


Here in this circuit we have used two comparators for two sensors. Relay acts as a switch.

The system counts both the other circuits. Sir i am guhan doing my BE.


You will get a CD with this project: Please check your circuit connections and contdoller twice. The total number of persons inside the room is also displayed on the seven segment displays. If zero condition is true then arduino turn off the bulb bidigectional deactivating the relay through transistor. We have used Infra-Red transmitters. Relay driver section consist a BC transistor and a 5 volt relay for controlling the light bulb. A 16×2 LCD incremented value or decremented value will always be display is very basic module and is very commonly used in displayed in the LCD thus makes this system a very user various devices and circuits.

Would you please be able to send your altered code? It should be powered with 5 volt DC supply and fixed on one side of the door automaitc.

Log In Sign Up. In other cases, where sunlight is enough and lights are not required in day time, liight can turn off the project so it will not function. Sir, Can I use IR collision sensor in this project? And when counter will be 00 that time Relay will be turned off. Can the IR sensors detect obstructions only, not the direction?

The Arduino takes action in real 80V, Collector current Ic is 1. Sir pls send code. Please help me sir. When the number of persons inside the room is zero, lights inside the room are turned off using a relay interface.