Like Henry David Thoreau, Audrey Niffenegger seems to view time as but the stream in which her characters go a’fishing. Her enormously. Audrey Niffenegger makes the most of Highgate in a bewitching new novel, “Her Fearful Symmetry,” which proves that death (as one currently. Her Fearful Symmetry, Niffenegger’s follow-up to her time-hopping best seller, is a Victorian ghost story set in the present that’s more in tune.

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I don’t like it.

Audrey Niffenegger on Her Ghostly New Novel

Dec 03, James rated it really liked audrye. There is a strong cast of secondary characters. But it’s one of those childhood tastes that you never entirely outgrow. In addition, Elsbeth is really the twins’ mother!

The upstairs neighbor is a recluse who suffers from I don’t even know where to start with this book.

As the story progresses, Valentina becomes stronger emotionally and decides feaarful she must break away from Julia if she is ever to really be able to live her life. Neither does it feel as self-consciously clever as its predecessor.

With the honourable exception of Martin, who emerges as a moving study of agoraphobia and OCD although even his resolution feels rushed and unearnedNiffenegger relies on a series of increasingly contrived twists to resolve her baroque plot, up to and including suddenly having all the characters conclude that Valentina is suicidal — despite the fact that the narrative spends a great deal of time inside Valentina’s head and we never witness a single suicidal thought.

The twins new neighbour, Robert, was their Aunt’s lover and his feelings of loss for Elspeth are painful to read at times. But they weren’t strong enough to frighten us or make us care about the symmetry. I’m vascilating between three and four stars.


Her Fearful Symmetry – Wikipedia

In the late evening on the day of the funeral, Robert removes the body from the coffin and takes it to the flat so Elspeth can place Valentina’s soul back into her body. She Writes Time Traveler’s Wife is a beautifully written novel that will make you believe in things you normally wouldn’t.

But the story, which started out strong, lost its way long before the weak ending. Aug 20, Amy rated it it was amazing Shelves: And of course, I’d be more forgiving if I hadn Wow, disappointing! This is part love story, part ghost story, fearfull even a little Sci Fi.

The real Edie is the mother of Julia and Valentina. More from the web. I doubt I would sanely accept someone telling me that. A mid-career retrospective symmetgy “Awake in the Dream World: View all 27 comments.

Sep 29, Jennifer rated it really liked it. Videos About This Book. I lean towards three only because The Time Traveler’s Wife is one of my favorite books of all time and so my expectations were high.

Audret all 10 comments. It felt like a tantalizing mystery whose answer I waited for. I would have liked to learn a bit more about Jessica and James, whose characters seemed to be placeholders and whose stories were never fully developed, but otherwise Niffenegger does a phenomenal job of developing a very intriguing cast of characters.

Jack knew that she was not Edie, but he played along. I had a feeling that the author was attempting to explain something but in fewrful word, all it was was creepy.

The struggles between both sets of sisters is a core theme here. He was Espeth’s lover both before and after she died. If you want a book that populates your mind with quirky, needy, devious and certifiably insane people, grab this one right away.

William Blake “The Tyger” The nigfenegger that it was set in and near Highgate Cemetery in London gave it a creepy, gothic, horror movie kind of quality. It was an absolute and total train wreck. What really let me down the most was I thought this was a Gothic novel, my favorite flavor.


I’ve been desperately seeking The Right Book. Do you never wonder if your husband or boyfriend really loves you for who you are or for who he imagines you to be? They wander into the lives of Elsbeth’s sullen boyfriend and the Little Kitten of Death. London, England United Kingdom. Oct 30, David Jay rated it it was amazing. Maybe I just did’t get it, so sorry I wasted all that valuable reading time on that one. The character in Niffenegger’s novel is Elspeth Noblin, not Goblin as we had it.

Around the Year i My initial reaction was that I really disliked this book. The will stipulates they must live in smmetry new home for a year before disposing of it.

Her Fearful Symmetry by Audrey Niffenegger: review

Or, in the case of my book, not that comforting. But the story, which started out strong, lost its way long before ahdrey weak en I read Niffenegger’s first novel before the days of GR; and I remembered when I decided to rate it, I wavered between 3 liked it and 4 stars really liked it. I just found Niffenegger’s ghosts so unappealing and their hiffenegger so not right and the whole soul-removing thing too bleh. Oh, big secret is revealed…. As always, I like Niffenger’s writing style.

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