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The following maps relate to America: L’Astrolabe, ou, declaration des choses celestes.

Woodcut of a galleon on title. With fine full-page woodcut of the Arms of Albert, Archbishop of Mayence; also astrlogia portrait of Hutten on last leaf.

Valencia, Passadas Diaz Romans, The present copy is in a remarkably fine state of preservation. This tract was written in America in orfor the direction of Confessors, during Las Casas’ attendance at the council held in the City of Mexico, inand may first have been printed in that city. Those countries have been visited along the coasts by paesadas Spaniards, Columbo of Genoa and Americo Vesputio being the leaders of the navigation.

Sergio Mattoscio Download PDF

The date should be beforeas the elaborate cryptogram at the beginning gives the name of the then asstrologia Doge Giovanne Mooenigo whose period was from to according to Dibdin Aedes Althorp II.


Cologne, Arnold Birckman, September, I Its American importance lies in the chapter on Geography. It also contains the narrative of Joseph, the converted Indian, brought to Portugal by Cabral, and letters relating to the Portuguese Voyages.

Title printed in red and black containing fine large woodcut showing two angels supporting the Arms of Genoa, with inscription. De las grandes maravillas que Dios nuestro sefior obra en augmento de la Sancta fe chatolica, en las indias del Rey de Portugal, y en el Reyno de Japon, y en la tierra del Brasil.

Quiz patente galileo

Sphera mundi noviter jesnne cum commentariis et authoribus: Newfoundland had not yet been’discovered to be an island. At the end Cortes reviews all his embarrassments and remarks that he holds danger and fatigue light in comparison with the attainment of his object; and that he is confident that the Spaniards would shortly be restored to their former position, and repair all their losses.

It shows the mouth of the Mississippi, and the lands around the river and Gulf of the Saint Lawrence. E del poderio del gran Can y otros reyes. Cosmographia dans manuductionem in tabulas Ptolemaei.

The constellations and stars do not rise and set uniformly for all men, wherever they may live, but rise and set earlier for those who are in the more eastern parts. Passdaas de las Cosas de Ethiopia, en la qual se cuenta muy copiosamente, el estado y potencia del emperador della que es el que muchos han pensado ser el preste Juan con otras infinitas particularidades, assi de la religio de aquella gente, como de sus cerimonias.

Galindez de Carbajal, a councillor of King Ferdinand, and constantly employed in the highest. On the circumference of the World. Black Letter, 31 long lines to a full page. The Second Part gives an account of the Conquest of Mexico, and is that portion of the work sjas which its author is best known. Los tratados del doctor Alonso Ortiz. With numerous large woodcut maps in the text, and two double-paged maps, on one of which America ” Terra Incognita ” appears.


Full text of “Publications”

In this he astro,ogia near the Gulf of Mexico, entirely within the present bounds of Texas, crossing the Rio Grande near the mouth of the Conchas River, which he ascends until he reaches the great mountain chain, which he crosses, and there enters Cinaloa. According to Rodrigues, copies of this book are very rare.

Some, however, think it the work of Alessandro Zorzi of Venice, who probably did add some notes to a later edition. Libro dela Cosmographia, el qual trata la descripcion del Mundo, y sus partes, por muy claro y lindo artificio, augmentado por el doctissimo varon Gemma Frisio, doctor en Medecina, y Mathematico excellentissimo: A great hydrographer and explorer, his work is invaluable for the early geographical history of the Continent of America. The last section contains information on the natural history and “marvellous things that are in the newly-discovered Indies,” in addition to particulars of the rites, ceremonies and customs of the Indians of the Canary Islands, New Spain, “Peru newly discovered,” Sto.

De situ habitabilis orbis.

Along the wall, divided by the shield, is the inscription: Basel, Michel Isengrin and Heinrich Petri, He mentions Cartier as having told him some facts concerning his two voyages. With a large woodcut Coat-of-Arms on the title. Venice, Nicolo d’Aristotile, June,