ASTM B(). Standard Specification for Precipitation Hardening Nickel- Copper-Aluminum Alloy (UNS N) Bar, Rod, Wire. ASTM B Round Bar is a precipitation-hardenable nickel-copper material that combines the excellent corrosion resistance characteristic of Monel with the . Aesteiron leading Monel K ASTM B Rod manufacturers, have wide range of ASTM F, ASTM B, ASTM B Round Bar & ASTM B Rod.

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Overview MONEL K is a age-hardenable Nickel-Copper alloy which combines the corrosion resistance of Alloy with high strength corrosion fatigue and erosion resistance.

Tensile strength and yield strength nearest psi 6.

Oil or water-base coolants will reduce thermal shock damage. ASTM International takes no position respecting the validity of any patent rights asserted in connection with any item mentioned in this standard. Up to 4 In the event that more critical quality or more rigid inspection standards than those called out in this speci? MONEL K retains the excellent satm resistant characteristics astmm and has enhanced strength and hardness after precipitation hardening when compared with Applicable to material in coil.

We also have a huge inventory of Monel Round Bars. C Applicable to 3 ft 0. Dry, oil, or water-base coolant.


MONEL K500 (UNS N05500)

It is recommended that Monel K be annealed when it is welded and that any weldments be stress relieved prior to aging. Tests need not be repeated when unaged material from the same heat can be identi? Normal roughing Turning or Facing C-2 or C-3 grade: Rejection should be reported to the manufacturer asstm supplier promptly and in writing. Reproduction of this site in whole or part is prohibited without the expressed permission of High Performance Alloys, Inc.

It is particularly well suited for centrifugal pumps in the marine industry because of its high strength and low astmm rates in high-velocity seawater. Current edition approved Feb.

High Performance Alloys, Inc. B For cold-worked rods and bars under 1? From pure water to non-oxidising mineral acids, salts and alkalis. When a full cross section size test cannot be performed, the largest possible round specimen shown asm Test Methods E 8 shall be used.


Our alloys can be cut using any conventional plasma arc cutting system. Number of Tests Bar and rod hot-? For each multiple, b85 allowance of 1? Monel K Round Bars has excellent cryogenic and heat ranges. Rounded Unit for Observed or Calculated Value Chemical composition, hardness, Nearest unit in the last right-hand place and tolerances when expressed in of?


Tapping Not recommended; machine threads, or roll-form them. Finishing Turning or Facing C-2 or C-3 grade: Individual reprints single or multiple copies of this standard may be obtained by contacting ASTM at the above address or at phonefaxor service astm. Siddhagiri Metals and Tubes Rating: If brazed tool bar, grind 0 degree back rake, 10 degree pos.

Monel K500 ASTM B865 Rod / ASTM F468, ASTM B366, ASTM B865 Round Bar & ASTM B865 Rod

C Hardness values are given for information only and are not the basis for acceptance atsm rejection. End Milling Not recommended, but C-2 grades may be successful on good setups.

Applications Propeller and pump shafts. Reaming C-2 or C-3 grade: C-2 grade not recommended, but tipped drills may be successful on rigid setup if no great depth. F Applicable to both hot-worked and cold-worked material.