a)HLL b) 68K x:=x+1 ADDQ.W #1,X IF A=7 THEN CMPI.W #7,A B:=3; BNE NEXT C:=4; MOVEQ #3,B END IF MOVEQ #4,C x:=X+2; NEXT: ADDQ.W #2,X b) At. Programmation Structurée En Assembleur by J.-P. Malengé, S. Albertsen, P. Collard and L. Andréani Masson, Paris, pages. ABCD. Operation: Source(base 10) + Destination (base 10) –>; Destination. Compatibility: Family. Assembler Syntax: ABCD Dy, Dx ABCD -(Ay), -(Ax).

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You can have as many labels as you want. Retrieved from ” https: The only exception is byte operations assemblehr A7 – this register must point to an even address, so it will always decrement by at least 2. Copies the long word starting at address location stored in A0 you say A0 points to the long word.

Operate on the location pointed to by xxx.

W easier to read. See External Links below.

68000 Assembly

These are intended to aseembleur numbers that will have various mathematical and logical operations performed on them. When a word is transferred to an address register, bit 15 the sign bit will be copied through the whole upper word bit This is known as forward referencingand is handled differently depending on the assembler.

  BUS1 32D PDF

If set, trace on change of program flow. Detailed descriptions of every instruction in the MC family can be found in the Programmer’s Reference Manual. Note that there is no postdecrement or preincrement addressing mode. Usually, it just uses a known safe value like the current PCflags the location, and makes a second pass to substitute the real value. Same as above, but another register will also be added.

Langage de programmation – Assembleur – Référence d’instructions Motorola x0 par OpCode

In supervisor mode, the entire bit register is accessible. Scale can be 1, 2, 4, or 8. Wherever you see “cc” 668000 an instruction, you should replace it with the appropriate conditional test code.

In other languages Add links. Refer to this table for what each test does.

Assembly – Wikibooks, open books for an open world

One thing to note is that the PowerPC is not binary compatible with the 68K processor. The assembler handles labels as aliases for numbers.

Views Read Edit View history. If set, look at M to determine what stack SP points to. This document contains information on how to program the Motorola 68K-series microprocessors in assembly language.



There are eight azsembleur registers: Typically, there are only a few places you’ll want to refer to, for example the starting points of functions, loop starts and loop ends, and certain data storage locations.

Please make sure to follow the naming policy.

There are seven address registers: Normally the processor is in user mode. When moving a byte or a word, the wssembleur part of the register will remain unchanged. This bit is always clear on processor models lower than All listed syntaxes are equivalent, but some assemblers won’t accept them all.

This page was last edited on 26 Augustat You can write this either with or without the parentheses, and most assemblers can take either one. However, Apple has written an emulator in PowerPC assembly language which allows PowerPC microprocessors to interpret machine language code written for 68K microprocessors, albeit with a substantial performance decrease versus native PowerPC machine language.