Assassins in Love. Kris DeLake. Sourcebooks Casablanca, $ mass market ( p) ISBN Agent: Rikki Profile: Rogue assassin who kills only to rid the world of hardened criminals. Hates organizations. Always does it her way. Love becomes a matter of . Read “Assassins in Love” by Kris DeLake with Rakuten Kobo. A fast, edgy, and passionate story.” —Mary Jo Putney, New York Times bestselling author When.

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Then stopped assessing when she saw 3. His mother assassinated her father. If I had to pick I would have to say he was better because he was more open and honest about the way he felt about Skye, whereas she did the whole denial thing and only realised what she had when it was nearly too assassijs.

Assassins in Love (Assassins Guild, #1) by Kris DeLake – Risingshadow

Maybe if he had, he would have done something different. A quick word of warning: Explains a few things, though, because this book asssssins didn’t read like an authorial debut.

Misha es un asesino que pertenece a la Guild, una banda de asesinos legalizada Alucinante!! Due to the fact that we each have differences in opinions, there will no doubt be other readers out there that love this book. I received a complimentary copy of the book in exchange for an honest review. Mar 03, Jacob Proffitt rated it really liked it Shelves: Jun 09, Kelly at rated it liked it Shelves: I loved that the lead character was not all Alpha bossy all the time, I loved the main character’s chaotic neutral POV.

Wicked as They Llve. I did enjoy the main characters though I wished something more happened to make their love affair more interesting.

I kept waiting for John to do the same to Skye, wondered if it would even happen, but lucky for us it did, close to the end and John’s words totally threw Skye. Tight writing, an imaginative, futuristic SciFi world of mayhem, death, and hot sex among the stars, great characters, and a layered plot gave this novel a wonderfully robust balance of fun and chaos that appealed to me from the first paragraph.


Assassins in Love | Kris DeLake

This entertaining read will take you along for a ride on a space cruise ship, across galaxies and planets, only to end up in the bedroom more often than not. Sep 29, Ashleyelva rated it lve liked it.

Skye and Jack do recon because Jack refused to be an assassin, and Skye refused to be good at it. I wasn’t able to finish it because I don’t care for slapstick. I loved that there was nowhere clean or savoury in this book. Delqke of those parts was told well enough, but the number of them prevented each from being fully developed in the page time they were given.

I was particularly drawn to Misha who seemed very vulnerable jris his tough exterior and felt that he needed Rikki to give him the strong support he never had. Mass Market Paperbackpages. But I didn’t sense much chemistry between Skye and Hunter past their initial meeting. Sky kind of regrets, that she may never see Jack again, but then she overhears the head of the Rovers putting a hit out on Jack.

Took me a good while to read this book. I did like it, but after finishing it, I can’t say that I will ever have the urge to read assazsins again. Misha wants to recruit Rikki and she really doesn’t want to be recruited, so however well they fit emotionally and physically, there are a lot of obstacles to overcome if they are going to be together—however much delak both rather want to be.

Assassination is a tool of fear, not justice. Rikki is a skilled assassin who prefers to work alone when she kills, a freelancer if you will. We’re not all Rhett Butler, but neither do we turn into Scarlet O’Hara at the brush of your ruby lips.


I just couldn’t see the connection between the two, though, apparently, she was mad for him, when, in fact, the only thing I think they had was lust, as within a handful of pages they had already banged each other, and continued to do so throughout the book.

Skye Jones, aka Skylight, is a trained and highly gifted assassin who works for the Assassins Guild. Overall A Spy to Die for was an enjoyable read with some great world building and good chemistry.

Why not get a copy of it for yourself? To ask other readers questions about Assassins in Loveplease sign up. Then things take a crazy twist and we go on a pretty wild adventure that involve Original review on rabidgummibear. If you are expecting a high pace, action packed space adventure, this book is not for you. Also, the ending felt a little too rushed and convenient for my tastes. They travelled through space having a lot of sex and not really knowing if they should trust each other but that was really it.

I do try to like them, because assassins are presented as sexy, fashionable people with sleek and sexy weapons.

A Spy To Die For

And of course the suspense part as something fishy is going on and someone is unhappy. He’s probably the reason the book gets 3. Robyn rated it it was ok Oct 12, It seems at times that their differences were over exaggerated and their characters never really become fully 3 dimensional to me. This is lovf book that takes place at an indeterminate future date when space travel is the norm.