I have a program in the as that when I print I would like to include an overlay with it. Right now we print out the overlay from the as then load the paper. overlay tool designed specifically for IBM and AFP printing. Other tools We are taking the PC image and sending it to the AS and storing the image data. OVERLAY keyword example in AS, how to overlay one record to another, use of OVERLAY keyword.

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If the value specified for a parameter is outside the valid range, it is flagged when the spooled file is created.

Creating Overlays and Page Segments

If this is changed on the printer it shouldn’t have to be changed each time you print. Add a member for the overlay to be created.: When the beginning attribute character of a record overlaps the ending attribute character of a record already displayed, the attribute characters overlap each other in position 1 of a line.

Also create it without a member. The overlay prints 1.

If the overlay fails to create, see Step 1. By using the code examples, you agree to the terms of the Code license and disclaimer information. If you already have drivers and get errors use the above set of drivers. Microsoft Word works fine. This includes a Constant backside overlay that doesn’t require backside programming. This keyword has no parameters.


Use the optional library-name parameter to further qualify the overlay. I would create one for each application or each DPI. You use this record-level keyword to specify that the record format that you are defining should appear on the display without the entire display being deleted overlqy.

OVERLAY (Overlay) keyword in printer files

Directions to FTP are: A program-to-system field over,ay rotation must be defined as length 3 with 0 decimal positions, data type S and usage P. Otherwise, data on the display can be lost if the file is suspended. Keyword entries for printer files positions 45 through The following example illustrates the location of the overlay using the previous DDS code.

Normally, the entire display is deleted on each output operation. The format of the keyword is: REC3 prints two overlays. Valid values are 0 to DDS keyword entries for display files positions 45 through Retrieved from ” https: It must be defined as length of 8, data type A characterand usage P program-to-system.

OVERLAY Overlay keyword for display files You use this record-level keyword to specify that the record format that you ocerlay defining should appear on the display without the entire display being deleted first.

The display will have the following records: For example, assume that the following records are on the display: The overlay rotation is set to a value of 90 degrees.


Consider the following additional overly about the rotation parameter:. A record already on the display is deleted even if fields specified in the record format are not selected for display.

Ftp file to the iSeries or copy to the IFS. Create a PF on the iSeries. If the form is on paper you can scan the form using Acrobat.

All records on the display with fields that partially or completely overlap fields in this record are deleted before this record is displayed; all others remain on the display and are not changed in any way. If you save the AFP output file to c: I would set up at least theand DPI printers. When you specify the position-down or position-across as program-to-system fields, the fields must be defined as length 5 with 3 decimal positions, data type S, and usage P.

The last field of the first record displayed ends in the farthest right display position of the preceding line. Valid values are 0, 90, and