Aruna Prashna is one of the Veda Mantras commonly chanted by vedic scholars especially in South India. Aruna Prashna is the first chapter of Taittariiya. The aruNaprashna occurs as the first prashna of taittiriya AraNyaka. It is also called sUryanamaskAra prashna. This prashna contains the. Aruna Prasna and Its Applications (1) – Download as Word Doc .doc), PDF File . pdf), Text File .txt) or read online.

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The Procedure It takes approximately 60 to 75 minutes to chant the hymns of Surya Namaskra Mantras that are spread across 32 distinct sections. Pray that the earth is fertile and green.

This section details more on the construction of human body and its physiology.

Sun is the single source of light and heat energies and he is the controller of weather. This is followed by exclusive Surya Namaskara mantra recitals.

Introduction to aruNaprashnaM

These are simple and easy-to-follow participation procedures provided in the tabulation below. Refers to shataghnI, an interesting weapon described in dhanurveda and was used as a ballista. Finally, water is collected from a water body which does not dry up at all and this is placed on top of the center water pots.

Pray for blessing you to hear auspicious news, see auspicious sights and enjoy disease free, long life. This is a very important prayer especially for the current times. Seek protection from airborne diseases. Those who want favors from the government can visualize and pray for it. This is can be achieved only by strong focussed minds.


The modern day geophysicists and space scientists have findings that mentions them as true and valid. This section contains prayer to Indra, the king of gods. This section offers instruction on how to pray to the Rain God.

Pray that he protects the world with all its living and nonliving things in the constantly changing times 3. One should not do Achamana and praxAlana directly from a water body. This portion also contains references to the certain seers who investigated and acquired this and more astronomical knowledge.

These verses describe various seasons. The ritual also contains protocols to place a tortoise and gold in the altar. Visualize all related organ are healthy and full of life. Don’t know your Moon sign? In the process, it is possible that he becomes prahsna huge red hot ball leading to the destruction of earth. There are other methods, like nAchiketa cayana, sAvitra cayana, chAturhotrya atuna etc. May arunz knees touch the ground in prostration and may my hands be folded in anjali mudhra 7 This section talks about many forms of surya It also provides a description of Soorya Mandalam, that is the galaxies and 8 Aadityas along with Mahaa Meru mountain.

The above should be prayed for while chanting these verses. Only a healthy body can house a mind that is free of delusions and ignorance. This prayer is also called Manthra pushpam. To protect us by warding away all thieves and envious people who want to acquire our wealth and possessions. Pray for good relationship with your father The above should be prayed for praehna chanting these verses.

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Acknowledge and be thankful of arunx benevolent acts that are behind the growth of all auspiciousness.

Surya Namaskara Mantra (Aruna Prasna) – Aruna Prashna Chanting –

The water for the center should be from earthern pots stored in house. One has to bathe thrice a day. For instance, it is mentioned that there are many Suns and among them one Sun is referred to as Marthanda Ravi and is responsible for annihilation. Above all, he is self-effulgent. If there had been any incidents of unnatural demises in your family, pray for them.

Surya Namaskaram or physical prostrations to the Sun God also done by those who feel fit to prostrate times, or 32 times by the end of each section. You are commenting using your Facebook account. AstroVed is bringing you the Surya Namskara Mantra service not only for your individual health and lrashna being, but also as an opportunity to heal the world, using time-tested Vedic techniques.