Taxonomy. Superdivision: Spermatophyta. Division: Angiospermae. Class: Dicotyledoneae. Family: Compositae (Asteraceae). Genus: Artemisia. PDF | The essential oil of Artemisia judaica L oil was analyzed by GC and GC/MS . Aproximately 95% of the components were identified, with piperitone (%). Artemisia judaica L. in Huys R, Kihara T C (). Systematics and phylogeny of Cristacoxidae (Copepoda, Harpacticoida): a review. taxonomic.

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Ling Artemisia zhaodongensis G. Hawaiian Native Plant Propagation Database. Artemisia santolina Schrenk Artemisia santolinifolia Turcz. Artemisia cina Levant wormseed [1].

All articles with dead external links Articles with dead external links from October Articles with permanently dead external links Articles with ‘species’ microformats Commons category artmeisia is on Wikidata Taxonbars with 20—24 taxon IDs.

Furthermore, it is used for the treatment of stomach ache, heart diseases, sexual weakness, diabetes, gastro-intestinal disorders and external wounding. Artemisia has been mentioned and used in popular culture for centuries. This contributes to jucaica difficulty in determining Tridentatae’s phylogeny. Schmidt — santonica, Levant wormseed Artemisia ciniformis Krasch. Ling Artemisia oelandica Besser Krasch. Artemisia cina and other Old World species are the source of the antihelminthic drug, santonin.

Artemisia stelleriana is known as Dusty Artemiia, but several other species bear that name, including Jacobaea maritima syn. Artemisia tridentata Artemisia cana Artemisia nova Artemisia rigida Artemisia arbuscula Artemisia longiloba Artemisia tripartita Artemisia pygmaea Artemisia rothrockii. Flora of North America. Additionally, safe concentrations of this essential oil significantly inhibited NO production elicited by LPS in macrophages, highlighting its potential anti-inflammatory activity.


Wang Artemisia wulingshanensis Bar.

Artemisia judaica L. | Flora of Israel Online

Aro Artemisia judaixa Less. One group which is well-supported by molecular data is subgenus Dracunculus. Views Read Edit View history. Ling Artemisia yongii Y. Retrieved July 4, Gray — Bigelow sage, Bigelow sagebrush Artemisia borealis Pall.

Artemisia cana Pursh — silver sagebrush Artemisia canadensis Michx. Artemisia montana Nakai Pamp. A few examples are:. The oil revealed an important inhibitory effect on germ tube formation in C.

Ling Artemisia orthobotrys Kitag. It consists of 80 species found in both North America and Eurasia, [5] of which the best-known is perhaps Artemisia dracunculusthe spice tarragon. Druce Artemisia indica Willd. Ling Artemisia younghusbandii J. The present study revealed that A.

American Society of Plant Taxonomists. Emerg Infect Dis [Internet].

Artemisia judaica L.

Beithranis a medicinal and aromatic plant growing in the valley bottoms of desert areas, particularly in the southern desert of Jordan nearest to the Jordan-Saudi Arabia borders and judsica Wadi Araba in the Southern Badia. Seriphidium Besser ex Less.

United States Department of Agriculture.

Intergrading forms are particularly common in recently radiated subgenera such as Tridentataegiven their frequent reversals and convergent evolution. Notable species include A. Artemisia genus Medicinal plants Asteraceae genera. American Journal of Botany. Some botanists split the genus into several genera, but DNA analysis [6] does not support the maintenance of the genera CrossostephiumFilifoliumNeopallasiaSeriphidiumand Sphaeromeria ; three other segregate genera StilnolepisElachanthemumand Kaschgariaare maintained by this evidence.


Furthermore, the in vitro anti-inflammatory potential of A. Artemisia comprises hardy herbaceous plants and shrubswhich are known for the powerful chemical constituents in their essential oils. Gray — pygmy sagebrush Artemisia quinqueloba Trautv.

Common names for various species in the genus include mugwortwormwoodand sagebrush.

Artemisia olchonensis Leonova Artemisia oliveriana J. The antifungal activity minimal inhibitory concentrations and minimal lethal concentrations was evaluated against yeasts, dermatophyte and Aspergillus strains. All grow best in free-draining sandy soil, unfertilized, and in full sun. The aromatic leaves of some species are used for flavouring. To better understand the rapid diversification and radiation relative to Old World Artemisiaa closer study of Beriginian or Arctic species may provide missing links.

Artemisia Artemisia cina Levant wormseed [1] Scientific classification Kingdom: Artemisia nachitschevanica Rzazade Artemisia nakaii Pamp. Zhao Artemisia occidentalisinensis Y. Gray — alpine sagebrush, dwarf sagebrush Artemisia scotina Nevski Artemisia semiarida Krasch.