Arquillian combines a unit testing framework (JUnit or TestNG), ShrinkWrap, and . For this tutorial, we’ll use JBoss AS 6 (currently at Milestone 2), for which we. Arquillian is a platform that simplifies integration testing for Java middleware. Define value for property artifactId:: arquillian-tutorial. Arquillian is a testing platform for JavaEE applications. This tutorial creates an Arquillian test and executes it on the Wildfly container.

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You can run the test against a remote JBoss AS installation which by default should be running on localhost and as management port. Once you have activated tutorizl profile, you should be able to run the test again successfully. Getting Started Edit this file. Instead, they interact with or provide services for the greater system. Here’s an example of an JUnit Arquillian test that validates the GreetingManager EJB session bean again, but this time it’s injected into the test class using the Inject annotation.

Skip to the next section, Open the Project in Eclipseso we can start writing some code! But more on that later.


Getting Started ยท Arquillian Guides

Enough with introductions, let’s get our hands dirty with a real example! ShrinkWrap ; import org. Forge adds the JBoss Community repository to the pom. Anatomy of a test 6. Will the right component be injected? Srquillian command generated a Maven-based Java project inside a new folder named arquillian-tutorial under the current directory.

Let the class name be com. In the editor, place the cursor within the name of the class Greeter. For this tutorial, we’ll use JBoss AS 6 currently at Milestone 2for which we use the jbossas-remote profile.

After reading this guide, you will be able to: Arquillian uses test enrichment to give us access to the real deal. One way to swap the libraries on the classpath is to manually edit the dependencies defined in thepom.

Add More Containers As you learned earlier, Arquillian selects the container based on which container adapter is on the classpath. Controlling the test classpath 1.

An Introduction to Arquillian Testing

The extra steps documented in this chapter are only relevant for tests which are not executed in the same JVM as the test runner. Therefore, to setup debugging, you must first attach the IDE debugger to the container, then execute the test in debug mode i.


Simply change this line:. Starting JBoss AS in debug mode. But in order to write a test, we need to have something to test. Arquillian packages the ShrinkWrap-defined archive at runtime and deploys it to the target container. Click OK in the Project Structure dialog.

To run the test on a standalone instance of JBoss AS, you first need to set it up. They also have declarative functionality which gets applied at runtime. Granted, in arquilliqn trivial case, we could simply instantiate the implementation class in a unit test to test the calculations. Here’s a persistence unit configuration that satisfies that scenario.

In the Edit configuration dialog, select GlassFish Embedded 3.

In the test-resources folder, create a new file arquillian. We need to instruct Maven which versions of the artifacts to use.