This month is my Year Anniversary of practicing Arhatic Yoga also called the ‘ Yoga of Synthesis.’ It was developed and refined by my great. Welcome to the World of Arhatic Yoga! Spirituality is a way of Life. It is not just doing meditation. MCKS Golden Lotus Sutras on Spiritual Practice. Arhatic Yoga is one of the most advanced spiritual technologies that accelerates the spiritual evolution of the soul & is an amazing gift to.

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View shopping bag View shopping bag Proceed to checkout Proceed to checkout. Arhatic Yoga, also called ‘The Synthesis of Yogas’ or in the higher aarhatic’The Yoga of Synthesis’, is designed to help the practitioner develop to the level of an Arhat. Subbarangaiah November 20, Reply. It is not just doing meditation.

It is wonderful to have you here! Chandana November 23, Reply.

What is Arhatic Yoga

There are a thousand more ways Arhatic Yoga can change your lifeā€¦. It further may lead to fear and low self-esteem. All About YogaSpirituality. Saurav Anand November 25, Reply. Meditation acts as a fertilizer, it magnifies everything; the good and the bad; the crops and the weeds.


Amit sharma April 4, Reply. Kiran Subhedar April 19, Reply. The Chakras and Their Functions. Being a path to sainthood, Arhatic Yoga aims at transcending man to a superhuman with much increased intelligence, love and arhattic.

Mary April 24, Reply. Kundalini energy when awakened, upgrades the brain.

More soul energy in this case will increase the control over our various bodies to work in afhatic together in favor of the evolution of the soul. Dear Amit, Unfortunately we do not have the precise information for the workshop prices in different countries.

Thanks for sharing this information. Your email address will not be published. Arhatic Yoga, through the Arhatic Kundalini meditation, helps in activating and awakening the Kundalini energy. Prolonged awareness is a necessity to achieve illumination. The teachings and techniques of Arhatic Yoga have been derived from ancient teachings and practices kept secret for centuries in Egypt, India, China and Tibet.

5 Ways Arhatic Yoga can Revolutionize Your Life

A well-developed Arhatic practitioner then uses these enhanced faculties to help the world by doing service, which forms the Karma yoga part of Arhatic Yoga.

You will first undertake the purification of the physical bodyetheric bodyastral body and mental body. Prana World April 24, Reply. Another item that needs to be removed is the negative seeds, which exist in everyone and is the root of evil acts.


Without the evolution of the body and the brain, the soul, even if evolved, will not be able to impress the insights to the brain using the intuitive intelligence. Increased Awareness Awareness is different from concentration.

Therefore Arhatic Yoga is known as a way of life, not merely doing meditations! Bismilla Khan July 5, Reply.

What is Arhatic Yoga? – Definition from Yogapedia

Go to your wishlist Go to your wishlist. Thanks for sharing these informations about Arhatic Yoga. Many of us may have had great experiences during meditations, contemplations and even dreams that we were not able to recall afterwards. Purified Aura One of the greatest obstacles to success is negative and weakening thoughts and emotions and self-defeating attitudes. If the soul looses the control over the horses, each will run towards a different direction and there will be chaos.

Dr Sathya March 7, Reply. Am i eligible for arhatic yoga. I wish to receive more info regarding effective way to Arhatic yoga meditation.