Dave Hargrave’s Arduin series has a place in the early history of fantasy role- playing games; not the least for being so transparent in its. Remuz Role-playing game archive. Powered by h5ai v Arduin Dungeon 1 – , , KB. file, Arduin Dungeon 2 – The. Arduin is a fictional universe and fantasy role-playing system created in the mid s by David A. Hargrave. It was perhaps the first “cross-genre” fantasy RPG.

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I love the swords and sorcery feel Arduin promoted.

Leave a Reply Cancel reply. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. And so once more we have the general outline of a arduuin magic system, but lacking any specifics or exceptions. People can add other classes if they want, but we want to create Arduinnot a. The characters really are all over the rp, with rules ranging from ironclad specifics to vague guidelines. More Information Edit History.

No hard feelings if you want me to just link to this site and stop there. GeekGold Bonus for All Supporters at year’s end: Learn how your comment data is processed. Most first level spells, we are told, cost one to one and a half manna points. A microbadge is available: A new, simpler system for sequencing combat. Instead of a bunch of skills, we distinguish 2 types of competence: On the other hand, roleplaying games presented a fairly new phenomenon in the world of copyright, in that they presented the basic rules, but others produced work that derived from those rules and could be used with them, but at the same time did not actually COPY anything.

Arduin cover-to-cover by Jeff Rients. Got an email address or something?

On top of that, take advantage of the streamlining and advancements in the d20 mechanic of the past years. Meanwhile, where was I? As one of the original cabal of west-coast gamers in the late 60s and early 70s, he and his compatriots, including such titans as Greg Stafford, Jeff Pimper, Steve Perrin, Clint Bigglestone, Tadishi Ehara and many others, brought their own ideas and sensibilities to the industry, injecting it with energy and imagination that drove it ahead for decades.


Add a copy to your collection. An illusionist casts the image of a bridge across the deep chasm and presto! Material from all of these were subsequently used as the basis for The Compleat Arduina standalone system.

He also did the cover for The Arduin Adventure rule book. Without all of you I could never have dreamed my dreams of glory, nor beheld the beauty of the Misty Mountains of Arduin. Mindjammer – The Roleplaying Game. In all honesty, none of the Grimoires show signs that anyone other than Dave Hargrave worked on them. Dragon Tree Press produced four further Arduin supplements in the mids before the Arduin rights and properties were purchased by Emperors Choice Games and Miniatures in the early s.

Arduin | RPG | RPGGeek

Mindjammer – Traveller edition. If you are not afraid of trying something new, you will discover a game that is exciting and different from any game you have tried before. Arduin is a fictional universe and fantasy role-playing system created in the mids by David A.

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Arduin Grimoire Series – Wayne’s Books RPG Reference

In his example, a fifth-level mage takes three hours to memorize one third, two second level and one third level spell. Use the Arduin mana system. Much criticism was made of Hargrave’s combat mechanics, to the point where many Game Masters simply used either their own versions, or those of TSR [ citation needed ]. Arduin Grimoire Volumes written and published by Hargrave, 9 written by Atduin Basic version: A total of over pages of new material, magik, PC Races and Classes as well as monsters and ideas.


The original Arduin suite zrduin supplements, dungeon modules, and gaming aids were initially self-publishedbut were then later produced by Grimoire Games. They are so rare that only 21 drops have been seen in the last 1, years!

Compleat rules for healing, regeneration, resurrection, resuscitation, and curing of disease. Over melee and missile weapons, including random critical hit and fumble modifiers. I was later arxuin learn that Hargrave had presented this eccentric collection of supplemental materials to Chaosium as a self-contained gaming system, but that it had been rejected, triggering a feud between Hargrave and Greg Stafford that was to last for years.

Monty Cook and Jonathan Tweet did what David always advocated: Arduin,” citing a publication from https: This is a complete campaign area, designed as a generic adventure campaign suitable for insertion into any RPGwritten by David for his longtime friend, writer Paul Mosher.

Facebook Email Print Twitter Google. The Arduin Adventure provides the novice with a set of simple and understandable guidelines for learning the basic concepts of Role Playing.

Arduin, Bloody Arduin – Thinking About How It Could Be Done

This site uses cookies. If it is 9 to 12, divide by three, and arduln it is 13 or greater divide by two. This information and your opinions are invaluable to me.

As for the rules and production themselves, Keep it Simple, keep it true to Arduin, keep it fun for everyone. David Hargrave negotiated with TSR about two points.