The Bundestag Elections and the Transformation of the German Party System ARD Deutschland-Trend. ARD/ZDF Online-Studie ; available at . Springer-Verlag: , ARD/ZDF. ARD/ZDF-Onlinestudie , Retrieved /04/30, from K. Asp, F. Badiee . CDU/CSU, FDP (): Wachstum, Bildung, Zusammenhalt. Koalitionsvertrag zwi- Ergebnisse der ARD/ZDF-Onlinestudie In: Media Perspektiven 7.

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The survey was conducted online in English and German.

Study participants were 42 undergraduates aged Open Source in der Insolvenz: In order to promote the comprehensibility of the reported findings, all items were treated as either interval-scaled or dichotomized. Four Voices, One Canon?: In particular, by exploring the origin and transformation of journalism in sub-Saharan Africa before, during and after colonialism, this article contributes to the conceptual elaboration of alternative conceptions of the African model of journalism.

Although most physicians use the Internet, it is mainly for personal purposes, and not for CME programs [ 10 ], [ 19 ].

This survey provides information about the attitudes and needs of GPs with regard to online CME zzdf factors of influence on their current use of online CME. Comparative findings for each newspaper, however, show that peace journalism is not entirely disregarded. The study used an innovative virtual reality technology experimental platform; four virtual worlds were designed to convey the concept that genetic and behavioral factors interact to affect common disease risk.

Technology and Social Sensibility in South Korea: Mapping Fear and Danger in Global Space: Detailed descriptive results regarding these sections are reported elsewhere [ 10 ]. Focusing on the development of a statewide coalition, the paper details the tensions between local and national policy agendas, the barriers faced by local activists as they attempt to build support for the concept of media reform in their communities, and the diversity of interests represented under the banner of media reform.

However, this only applies to the older children in the sample ages 10— The following independent variables were included: E-Mail zwischen Telekommunikation, Datensatz und elektronischer Post.

Project details

Results indicated that children who had better executive functioning abilities were more likely to control the mouse. Wettbewerb im deutschen TV-Produktionssektor.


Based on the large number of cases, these non-significant results support the assumption that the study sample is representative for the reference population concerning sex and qualifications. Efficacy studies, however, offer greater opportunities for experimental control, message zdv, and testing of health communication and marketing theoryBy examining the literature and two in-depth case studies, we identify advantages and limitations to efficacy studies. In the analyses, we used a priori assumption concerning the direction of associations and a stepwise backward computation algorithm based on Wald statistics.

The technological requirements for using e-learning offers, especially Onliestudie ones, are widely in place. Aktuelle Rechtsfragen des Presseprozessrechts. It offers good possibilities for illustration, e. You are free to copy, distribute and transmit the work, provided the original author and source are credited.

With in-person training session one cannot gain more credits per learning-unit either, but these continuing education offers often take several hours, so that one can gain more credits all in all. The two latter constructs seem to be important rather for building an overall impression.

Links – Media – Goethe-Institut

National Center for Biotechnology InformationU. Self-assessment of Internet skills by GPs was also found to be quite good.

In this study, we aimed to investigate the attitude towards and use of the Internet and online CME in German general practitioners GPs and to identify potential starting points to increase the use of online CME. The aim of this study was to investigate the attitude towards and the use of the Internet and online CME in German general practitioners GPs and to identify potential starting points for interventions to increase the use of online CME.

A Sound that Never Sounded: The implications for long term effects and the possible role of social learning are analyzed in the discussion. Significant associations were also found between ad-inspired comparison behavior and the importance placed on physical attractiveness in social roles as well as the acceptance of artificial means of enhancing appearance.

While confirming the importance of ethnic identity in television viewing and demonstrating the variety within the assumed homogeneous national viewing community, the similarities found caution against a binary opposition between native Flemish and ethnic minority viewpoints. However, current data from our own studies [ 10 ] and studies by Butzlaff et al. E-Learning is also not suitable for all contents. Die urheberrechtliche Einordnung personalisierter Internet-Radios: Perceived usability only contributed to overall impression.


Users spent two hours more on the Internet per week than non-users, and had been using the Internet for one year longer. Ages ranged from 14 to 69 years with a mean age of This article tries to apply this concept to the audience of domestic fiction in Flanders, in particular ethnic minority viewers.

Ordinary least square regression analysis indicates that social capital is predicted by newspaper exposure, but not TV national news exposure or TV local news exposure. An important difference is that ethnic minority viewers do not consider the soap world as a representation of their own reality.

From Cultural Enrichment to Knowledge Society. Can Peace Journalism Make Progress?: Therefore, our main conclusion is that physicians should have the opportunity to gain experience with online systems and receive responses to their problems and uncertainties.

Specifically, the relative oral and literate traditions of American ethnic groups are most suitable for explaining how the association between news use and social capital varies by ethnicity and medium. Although the data of the non-responders in the telephone interview were comparable to the data of the responders, we cannot exclude a specific motivational bias. In the first step, the target variable was current use of online CME, and in the second step the assessment of effectiveness of online CME formed the target variable.

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From Telecommunication Standardisation to Cybercrime Harmonisation?. Scaring the Already Scared: Zdv Vergewisserung der Dogmatik der Rundfunkfreiheit. Moderation analyses further analyzed the strength of those relationships for searching and browsing tasks.