Thank you for buying a Fisher & Paykel AquaSmart 2™ clothes washer. The revolutionary, super water efficient wash action of your AquaSmart 2™ washer. Thank you for buying a Fisher & Paykel AquaSmart™ clothes washer. We are For your safety the information in this manual must be followed to minimize. Installation instructions and user guide AquaSmart™ clothes washer WL80T65D & WL70T60D NZ AU Contents Installation instructions Before you do your first.

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This unique wash system uses two wash phases. Check that the inlet hoses are not kinked or squashed. Resetting the washer back to the settings it left the factory with.

You will then see a subtle change in the lighting contrast. For the most suitable type of tempering device we recommend you contact a local plumber or plumbing supply merchant. Check your machine is level refer to installation instructions pages 2 — 4.

Fisher & Paykel AquaSmart WL80T65D Manuals

Blankets These items can be difficult to wash as they become very heavy and cause the machine to become unbalanced. You will be unable to customise a wash cycle to start at the rinse or spin stage.


Remember to separate whites and colours. Most dye transfer occurs when clothes are left too long in the machine at the completion of the cycle so aquasmaart not to leave your coloured clothes lingering in the machine.

Fisher & Paykel AquaSmart WL42T26DW1 Manuals

This build-up is not brought about by a fault in the machine. Inlet valves are marked on the back of the machine. We hope you enjoy your new washer, we have certainly enjoyed designing it for you. You must redistribute the load more evenly yourself.

Normal Spin Do not bleach Soil Sort clothes according to the type and amount of soil. Provide instruction on use of the product or change the set-up of the product, eg.

We have created four helpful wash cycles Customer care 43 First, check for aquas,art things you can do yourself. If scrud is allowed to build-up in the machine it can result in stains on the clothes or an unpleasant smell in your washer. Is the power switched on at the wall? Aquasmrat of 48 Go. Do not wrap large items, such as sheets, around the low profile agitator. Changing pre-set options 21 Wash temperatures All wash temperatures can be individually adjusted.

They can also lose dye if washed in water that is too hot. For more information on detergent and fabric softener please refer to pages 11 — Single beep every second and … The service light spanner icon is flashing.


fisher–paykel aquasmart wl80t65c User Manual

Check that the hot water supply has been turned on. Your machine may have initiated Wash Recovery Mode where it has sensed your load is washing unevenly. If water pressure is low, cycle time will increase due to longer fill times.

Try plugging in another appliance. If you wish to soak clothing items during the wash process please select the SOAK option.

Settings menu 27 Balance Recovery When your washer is spinning it aquasmqrt sense if the wash load is out Ensure machine does not have suds buildup.

Some soils suit warmer washes, eg. Are the inlet hose filters blocked? If these items sit too high in the washer they may touch stationary parts during agitate or spin. The HOT water temperature light is flashing.