Anaerobic denitrification filter using deniballs as food for the bacteria, for use with seawater aquariums up to ltrs. A slow water flow through a filter medium. Free delivery and returns on eligible orders. Buy Aqua Medic Nitratereductor NR at Amazon UK. Question: I currently have an Aqua Medic SP pump to feed an Aqua Medic NR Nitrate Reactor. I actually have 3 of these pumps that I have managed.

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I noticed that red slime algae slowly started to take over the tank. I’m interested in purchasing a ,edic reductor for my 50 gallon tank. In conclusion, a nitrate reactor can be a useful tool. Don’t forget phosphates either as they can create additional problems. Phil, Still thinking about one, but concernd about what you experinced with it. Another preventative measure is to install an ORP monitor in the filter.

Thus I get the benefits of the nitrate removal without the dangers of killing all my qaua. The only draw back it that it smells really bad while you do this. I have set up a gallon water tank that I fill with used aquarium water. I have had a Aqua Medic Nitrate Reductor up to gal. If this happens usually you can save the tank. I have two aqua medic nitrate reductor ‘s. Do nitrats already have an account? Posted by zly Kamis, 23 Mei 0 comments.

The drawback is the extra work of the water changes. Log in or Sign up. Category Traitement de leaus. Actually the aquaa the nitrates the better it seams to work.

Aqua-Medic Nitratreduktor NR It’ll improve your chances of saving your tank but is certainly not a guarantee. Part of why this happens is the nitrates in the tank are too low and there is nothing for the filter to eat. It sucks the alk right out of the water, even if its a duel chamber with ARM. If the filter is left on the tank or restarted without being cleaned then disaster will strike.

Being a rookie at using this filter, I just turned up the flow a little bit to get it going again. If you have one how is it.? Within half an hour, every fish in my 90, along with most inverts, were dead.

The positive of the nitrate reductor is that after about a month break in period the nitrate reductor will take nitrates in the hundreds down to zero.

This site uses cookies to help personalise nitratw, tailor your experience and to keep you logged in if you register. We do however run ours via a redox probe and our Aquatronica units, this way you control the redox and use a peri pump to add the water as and nitrqte required. Discussion in ‘ Help and Advice ‘ started by ragdoll wvvJan 12, Selling and trading on ReefCentral. Medif nitrates have you ready to pull your hair out it can provide amazing results.

The flow rate is adjusted with the valve and the drop counter With regards to the use of the peri pump, I use these on my system now as I am running it via the AQ and as such I do not have to control the outlet to 1 drop per second and as the peri pump adds water the same amount exits the reactor via the exit tube.

The red slime algae was using the phosphates for food and making my tank look terrible.


What was happening was that I either had too small a skimmer or not one at all. The filter can be installed ,Nitrate Reductor up to gal. The one thing that I aquaa recently ran into was the phosphate issue, so kudos for pointing out this relationship and the necessity of having a phosphate reactor or other phosphate reduction method in place. I then use this water for water changes on some of my tanks.

Nitrate Reductors – Reef Central Online Community

So finding a way to maintain water quality is a problem. So the phosphates were building up in the tank.

I never did this but after loosing the entire tank of fish wish I had.