This is a collection of Apophysis Tutorials. If you download or use any of these resources, a:+fav: and a comment are appreciated. Please remember to give. Tutorial how I create wallpapers. Apophysis 7x tutorial. Posts about Apophysis 7x tutorial written by Karissa.

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Add the following transforms with the specified features: I used a default. After that use the free accompanying pattern to make your own micro whales. This is a courtesy to others who may wish to learn how to use this technique and to me after all, I spent all this time creating this tutorial — and if you like it enough to use and show off, then Aophysis deserve a bit of credit.

Apophysis 7x tutorial | ea

I used the following: Then save your image. Play around with the opacities of each duplicated fractal. Once Upon a Yarn.

A note on scaling: And somehow I manage to balance my no-nonsense attitude with my limitless creativity and childlike love for cartoons and fuzzy animals for an all around okay life.

Be sure to erase any hard edges you may have during this part. For more lighting effects, duplicate your fractal layer [blend mode should still be screen], rotate it degrees, stretch it and position it so it looks like a light trail from something crashing into the center of your fractal.

Click any screen shot to see it larger.


– Tutorials

Create a free website or blog at WordPress. Along with creative pursuits I like learning and solving problems and getting right to the bottom line. When ready to begin, s tart off by opening up Apophyis 7x or whichever version apophyzis have — it just must be 3D capable and create a new blank flame.

Set it to screen against a black background. Now you can make your very own adorable squid! But as with all digital art endeavors, it might be a good idea to save your progress frequently to avoid losing anything you make.

art and design (and other stuff, too)

This applies to weight values default: I highly encourage anyone to experiment and have fun! On this new layer create a gradient emanating from the center of your fractal.

By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use. For example, the default variations for a transform are: Experiment with the pitch, height, yaw, and depth blur values. Twitter apophysjs not respond. Lower the opacity of this layer, if need be. Unless otherwise stated, all content of this blog including, but not limited to, images and text has been created for personal, nonprofit use only.

Continue duplicating your original fractal layer, warping it and positioning it in your image. If you follow the following steps closely, your result should look very similar to the image above. Q and be sure to also check out this icon-identifying tutorial as well. You have been warned.

Amigurumi Sea F… on Shark Attack! If you are asked to change julian to 2 but nothing else is mentioned, only change julian, and leave linear3D at its default value of 1. Create a color balance adjustment layer to fine tune your colors. I used the following:. Follow Blog You can only receive cupcakes and free advice on socks if you sign up and follow this blog, you know. Now choose a gradient you like.


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Take Note Unless otherwise stated, all content of this blog including, but not limited to, images and text has been created for personal, nonprofit use only. Disregarding my artistic right will result in my army of fire breathing llamas hunting you down and destroying you where you sit. See photo below for reference, but experiment with placement and position. This site uses cookies.

To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: Note that this transform does not need to be placed in exactly the same spot as transform 3. Open up the Transform Editor and make the following adjustments to Transform You are not authorized to print, reproduce, copy, redistribute, alter, customize, trace, or in any way modify any images or text without direct permission from this artist.

When crocheting the shell pieces together, I worked counterclockwise starting with the upper shell up, starting at the left front leg.