Editorial Reviews. About the Author. An OFBiz evangelist with over 25 years of information Apache OfBiz Cookbook Kindle Edition. by Ruth Hoffman (Author) . In Detail Apache Open For Business (OFBiz) is an enterprise resource planning ( ERP) system that provides a common data model and an extensive set of. Apache OfBiz Cookbook. Over 60 simple but incredibly effective recipes for taking control of OFBiz. Good to know: Packt pays a percentage of.

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Has brief coverage of text mining, but on that topic Document Warehousing and Text Mining is much more complete and applicable. What do I get with an eBook?

OFBiz – User – Ofbiz Cookbook

It is understandable for those who are not accountants, yet still of incredible value to those who are. But hopefully, she is still getting royalities for her work. Standards, argues Jeffrey Zeldman in Designing With Web Standards, are our only hope for breaking out of the endless cycle of testing that plagues designers hoping to support all possible clients. Packt pays a percentage of the entire sales back to the ASF.

Search for eBooks and Videos. In reply to this post by Jacques Le Roux.

In reply to this post by SkipDever. We did a project together with Ruth before she left the community and I said before that I think it is a shame that the community wasn’t able to value her contribution for what apachr is.


I think with this book, you are well prepared to write new applications assuming previous Java experience. The Ultimate Security Guide.

In reply to this post by taher. This book covers general data warehousing principles, but perhaps even more useful it also includes discussion of warehousing strategies and models for things such as retail sales, inventory, procurement, order management, CRM, accounting, human resources, financial services, utilities, transportation, education, health care, ecommerce, and insurance. Now you can get everything on Safari.

So ifbiz of the active contributors seem to like minilang. This apacye very important for many developers I think. To purchase books, visit Amazon or your favorite retailer.

Thank you for the recommendation. In essence there is a lot of useful information here for future expansion of OFBiz. In reply to this post by SkipDever Hi Skip, thanks for sharing. It covers the various tiers of a J2EE application included presentation, business logic and persistence. The books above are reference books, if you look for a cookbook like book, you will certainly be interested by Groovy Goodness Notebook and Gradle Goodness Notebook.

Everyone we hire has to learn minilang and it does indeed significantly add to the learning curve. Apachs 60 simple but incredibly effective recipes for taking control of OFBiz. We much rather rely on trusted alternatives that are easier to pick up for our project ; Cheers, Paul I couldn’t agree more Paul. On the other hand, I really like minilang screens for simple backend stuff.


I have been using the opentaps macros for a long time and I think yours are significantly better especially in their granularity and ability to support more display device types. Paul I took the time to scan your cookvook, but did not get into an in-depth perusal of it.

It focuses on the framework which is what you really want when you are making zpache applications for hot-deploy. This post was updated on.

Data Model

Having said that, I am not sure there would be a consensus on the shift back to ftl. Let this book be your guide to enhancing your OFBiz productivity by saving you valuable colkbook. In reply to this post by Paul Piper.

For both minilang and widgets the reason on our end is that neither technology is used anywhere outside of the ofbiz project and thus adds to the overall learning-curve for newcomers.

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