Class EPSTranscoder. extended by oderSupport extended by. EPS (Encapsulated PostScript), metafile (both bitmap and vector), probably Current FOP distributions include a distribution of the Apache. The only, open source, way, I found, to create a svg image from eps is the Inkscape method xsi:schemaLocation=”

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FOP native support of JPEG does not include all variants, especially those containing unusual color lookup tables and color profiles. Specifying bit color output may also help.

FOP Graphics Formats

In its easiest form just do:. There are other attributes of the fo: FOP will render the graphic at that size, with an apparent resolution of dpi. Currently, SVG images are rendered with the dimensions specified in the SVG filewithin the viewport specified in the fo: Batik epa be run in a graphical environment.

Since PDF and most output formats do not have a concept of resolution, but only of absolute image units i. This will be improved in the future. I just tried it and it made a beautiful conversion, keeping transparency, with a smaller aapche foot print. This can make the pdf fol large and when the pdf is viewed the viewer does not normally draw those fine curves very well turning on Smooth Line Art in the Acrobat preferences will fix this.


I think I should tell you the background. It does this by checking if the text can be drawn normally and the font is supported. The solution is based on the im4java ImageMagick wrapper. Also, according to user reports, FOP’s native support for TIFF is limited to images with the following characteristics all must be true for successful apxche Sign up or log in Sign up using Google.

If no dimensions are given, FOP uses a default value of 72 dpi to compute the graphic’s dimensions. The comments in this section do not apche to releases earlier than 0. The explanation above describes only the basic default behavior.

Java Examples for nscoder

Apart from that, resolution problems are in the image file itself, and must be corrected there: Image caching will be improved as part of our redesign effort. Keep in mind though that your result file has to be accessible to the fop process.

Currently transparency is not supported in PDF so many svg images that contain effects or graphics with transparent areas will not be displayed correctly.

See What platforms are supported?

Apache FOP (Formatting Objects Processor)

FOP native limited support, see restrictions below. The ImageMagick solutions does not create vector outputs but pixel file formats. This setting will not affect the printing of your document, which should be OK in any case, but will only affect the quality of the screen display.


First, download and install it. Is there anything I am missing here?

Please see my code above. Simply open the eps image and save it as a svg image file. This format can be handled as an fo: Post as a wpache Name. The drawback to this approach is that it is effective only for available fonts including embedded fonts. Currently, the images are not automatically released when an OutOfMemoryError is imminent.

Started Nothing happens after that. Starting with version 0. Stack Overflow works best with JavaScript enabled. If you have a servlet that generates a different image each time it is called with the appache URL you need to use a constantly changing dummy parameter on the URL to avoid caching. I executed your code.

This means that a typical character will have about 10 curves each curve consists of at least 20 characters.