Division: Magnoliophyta. Class: Magnoliopsida. Subclass: Asteridae. Order: Rubiales. Family: Rubiaceae. Genus: Anthocephalus. Species: chinensis. Notes. BRIEF DESCRIPTION A medium sized to tall deciduous tree reaching a height of m, and a trunk diameter up to cm. It has a slightly. Family: Rubiaceae Anthocephalus chinensis. Genus: Anthocephalus Species: chinensis. Origin: India Common name: ‘Kadam’ in India, Bur.

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Kadam features in Indian mythology and religion. Get best deals for coconut. Cited in Razafimandimbison The timber air dries rapidly with little or no degrade. The sapwood is pale yellow and not distinguishable.

We’ve sent an email to Please follow the instructions to reset your password. This page was last edited on 12 Octoberat The current view taken by most taxonomic sources is that Richard’s Anthocephalus indicus or Anthocephalus chinensis is a synonym of Cephalanthus chinensis now transferred to the genus Breonia as Breonia chinensis Lam. Botanical Description It is a medium-sized to large tree up to 45 m tall.

Polishing Polishing of this species is reportedly easy. Texture The texture is medium, its vessels contain dark deposits. General Housing 10 – Silica in Timbers. InAchille Richard created the name Anthocephalus indicusstating that the species came from Asia and that his description was based on the same specimen as Lamarck’s Cephalanthus chinensis.

The anthicephalus is straight and cylindrical and branchless for more than 25 m, up to cm in diameter but generally less. Anthoxephalus was in the form of a spear under a kadamba tree. Later in the day, young ears of grain are distributed among friends and relatives.


Planing Planing of this species is good to fair. Natural Habitat It is reported to grow best on deep, moist, alluvial sites, often in secondary forests along riverbanks.

Anthocephalus chinensis (PROSEA) – PlantUse English

Furniture Cabinets 21 – Tropical timbers of the world. Kadam features in Indian religions and mythologies. Sliced Veneer It peels readily at a cutting angle of 92 degrees, producing good veneer 1. Resistance To Impregnation It absorbs preservatives easily. It is vulnerable to attack by insects and it is also prone chinenais blue stain. Bermuda Grasses in New Delhi.

Anthocephalus chinensis – CADAMBA – Burringbar Rainforest Nursery

By using this site, you anthkcephalus to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Kuntze Sarcocephalus cadamba Roxb. Kodom flower of Bangladesh Neolamarckia cadamba also known as Anthocephalus cadamba, Kadam. Sawing This species is easy to saw. Shutter Boards 20 – Prospect: Frames 16 – Woods of the World.

Anthocephalus Cadamba

Anthocephalus Cadamba Get Latest Price. It usually has no odor or taste, but wood of an Assam variety is reported to have unpleasant odor. The product of our industry has scented orange flowers in dense globe-shaped clusters. Rotary Veneer Cutting It peels readily at a cutting angle of 92 degrees, producing good veneer 1. The larvae of the commander Moduza procrisa brush-footed butterflyconsume this species.

A twig of the tree is brought and worshipped in the courtyard of the house. Hojas de Nuestro Ambiente. Get in Touch with us Ever Green Nursery. Views Read Edit View history. One day, to teach them a lesson, Krishna reached the bank of the pond where they were taking a bath and took away their garments and spread them on the branches of nearby kadamba tree.


Karam-Kadamba is a popular harvest festival, celebrated on the eleventh lunar day of the month Bhadra. Kadamba is one of the most frequently planted trees in the tropics. This erroneous sense of the scientific name is shown by writing A. Cobden-Ramsay, Feudatory States of Orissa: It is found in lowland forests up to montane forests of about 1, m of altitude.

Suddenly their attention was drawn to the nearby kadamba tree by the stirring of its branches. Close-up of flower Scientific classification Kingdom: Bengal District Gazetteersp. A yellow dye is obtained from the root bark. Cores 27 – Embassy of Brazil in Japan. Year of Establishment A Revised Handbook to the Flora of Ceylon. Turning 30 – Embassy of Honduras in Japan.

Wikispecies has information related to Neolamarckia cadamba. Intervessel pits small, chinendis micras or less. Radha and Krishna are supposed to have conducted their love play in the hospitable and sweet-scented shade of the kadamba tree. Drying Defects Ease of Drying: