Ante Ciliga – pronounced “Tsiliga” – became famous to the point of becoming the emblem of the opposition to Stalinism and to “the Bolshevik system” of state. ANTE CILIGA. It is with an extreme discretion that the French press (Le Monde, October 28, ), announced, in some poor lines, the death of Ante Ciliga. The file was just too big and I can’t seem to compress it without losing quality, so I posted it on : The Russian Enigma – Ante Ciliga.

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Another resolution, defended by what there remained of the “militant Bolsheviks ” collected 15 vote, while speaking as Trotsky about a necessary “political revolution on the economic basis of October “; the regime was ” above the classes “, but “dictatorship of the proletariat ” had disappeared.


In this last was the chief “Decist” V. Indeed, a series of such incidents had occurred, beginning in Bulgaria in and repeated in Poland, China, and other places. He thought that in Italy the Anarchists would be as radical as the Bolsheviks in Russia, and than Malatesta could be a kind of “Italian Lenin”. Vera Vucicevic heard him lecture on Russia at the University of Zagreb inwhere she says his presentation was serious and non-propagandistic.

At the time when Ciliga left Vienna for Moscow, important changes had occurred at the top of the apparatus of the Comintern, and consequently in the high amte of this last one. For the Trotskyists and Decemiststhe freedom of the workers to choose between parties was an unacceptable concept. While undertaking higher education, Ciliga adhered to the Croatian Socialist Party at the time even where Yugoslavia was formed. Fredo Corvo – Iran: Of course, the activities of the group were discovered by the GPU.

Left Socialist-Revolutionaries, divided – according to him – between the Trotskyism and the left-wing Communism group of Kamkov ; the anarchists who “represented a form of chivalrous anet “, the Armenians and the left-wing Zionists purely occupied by their respective national problems Click here for the guide.


The development of a strong particularly Croatian Yugoslav emigration, then the same antr of Yugoslavia, at the end of the Sixties and at the beginning of the Seventies, will give him a growing place and ahte political recognition in this medium strongly marked by nationalism.

That resulted – in addition to the reinforcement of the anti-Serb nationalist feelings – in duels with the revolver between Communists and police officers. Inhe cut off any link with Marxism and the labor movement.

International correspondenceAugust 4, sixth meeting of July 23, At the end of the congress his supporters constituted themselves in an autonomous left faction that soon became the base of the Croatian section of the Communist Party of Yugoslavia, coming together in finished form in the first half of But one must note that Au Pays … offered a devastating critique of Stalinist society and its repression of the worker and peasant masses in Russia.

In Vienna, he continued to collaborate to the Czech communist daily newspaper. Well before at the time of the Cold war, a lot of people “discovered ” the reality of the USSR, by the testimony of Khravchenko and others, and that then, with the historical wear of Stalinism, “the fellow travellers” change into virulent adversaries of “Communism “, a voice had resonated which, to the left of Stalinism and Trotskyism, denounced the system of State capitalism set up by Lenin and Trotsky, and completed by Stalin and his regime.

Hrvatski Narod was a general public daily newspaper appearing twice per day. It recommended “a reform by in the tops”, and finally industrialisation, the quinquennial plans, etc. I say to me: Grulovic directed this fraction.

The libcom library contains nearly 20, articles. This council, pro-Westerner, installed in the USA, had been founded in gathering however whole, pro-Muscovites with the Ustashe – to try to politically control the million and half of Croats living antte from the borders of Yugoslavia, in the name of the unit of “the emigrated Croatian people” VII, the contradiction of testimony between Ciliga, on the one hand, and Ardachelia and Yakovin of the other.


Undoubtedly the construction of a bloody “Croatian State” But especially, there were “extremist negators”, of whose Ciliga. Gramsci, member of the Office of Vienna, noted in that Radic was a crafty, skilful politician, and expert in the compromises, but unable to be a strategist p. Meanwhile, the Comintern in Moscow issued a declaration condemning the CPY right cioiga supporting a scheme that recognized the demands of the main anti-centralist communities but did not address the fatal problem of mixed territories; that is, it called for the complete independence clliga sovereignty of Slovenia, Croatia, and Macedonia.

Ciliga, Ante – Registry – Courage – Connecting collections

For the position of Miasnikov incf. The both tendencies were located on a nationalist basis, where it was not any more cilgia of class struggle. This indecision where he saw the moderating influence of Hungarian social democracy decided him to begin militancy in the communist camp.

The review was directed by Antun Bonifacic and Vinko Nikolic, close relations – if not in – movement Ustasha.

The Russian Enigma – Ante Ciliga

In Russia at least. They decided to militate in the “collective of the Bolshevik-Leninists” of the insulator.

One will find reprint of extracts of the pamphlet of Markovic and articles of Ciliga, in his review Na pragu sutrasnjice, Rome, No. According to Ciliga, the social composition of the insulator was primarily “intellectual”.

Building relationships and community in an IWW workplace committee. He concluded since – conclusion a posteriori of ? In a party directed by Russian agents, of whom some were agitators at the service of the police 34the direction of the CPY was engulfed in the adventurism.