I just purchased a copy of this page booklet off of Ebay. It’s called ” Annemann’s Mental Bargain Effects.” This book is hard to get ahold of. M.I.M.C. (LONDON) v/ The State Library of Victoria “ALMA CONJURING COLLECTION” An nemann’s Mental Bargain Effects ANNEMANN’S DIABOLO PELLET. Author: Annemann, Theodore. – Pages: 16 p.: ill. ; 23 cm. – Publication: [New York: Annemann, ?] – Description: Cover title. Alma bequest. Magic tricks.

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Nothing wrong can he seen. Immediately he walks to first person, and left hand has taken deck 1 from left coat pocket and hands it to spectator with request for shullle and selection of one efects.

You now have about ten cards in a packet which contains a mirror. Dec 6, Right hand conies out from under at once and adjusts handkerchief diagonally over palm of left hand, one corner being upon arm and center of hank comes just about to the inside end of the packet. Now place the pieces in the left band on top of the pieces in the right hand nearest the spectator. The pencil should be of hard bargin and not longer than three inches. It is returned to its place and the lights are out again.

Pick them ofl’ hand and lay on your open left hand and writing is now on the bottom card against your hand with numbered end nearest voar body.

Keepin’ the Annemsnn Alive. I use a Rider Back Bicycle pattern case and with a ra- zor blade I cut out the de- sign on the back of case as in Fig.

Now with the left fingers tear through the center of the folded paper. I’ll find all this out soon enough when the booklet arrives, but I was just really, REALLY curious if anybody has any opinions or experience using this book. Now use a little misdirection in asking some one to light the small pieces with a match and meanwhile the small corner piece of paper in right hand is opened out with the thumb of that hand and name read and after a little showmanship, performer spells out the name.


Annemann’s Mental Bargain Effects

Had I known it could be bought for a few dollars, I would’ve done that instead. Taking back deck, performer opens case and takes deck out facing him nearly all the way, and getting a Hash of the name of selected bargajn kicks the face card of deck back into case with thumb and the case is laid aside.

I contend that this is as direct an exhibition of apparent thought reading as can be presented, that is, outside of a GENUINE demon- stration, which at present is impossible.

The method is extremely subtle, and in our opinion a great improvement over the method first introduced years ago by Jardine Ellis. Immediately you step back, take another blank card from your packet which you pocket and then duplicate the drawing.

Mental Bargain Effects (Theodore Annemann)

Hand the spectator a card from top of packet for his drawing. In drawing rooms the cards may he placed on the floor in full view and this further prevents any possible mishap because of the cards being so far below the line of vision.

Your right hand with tip goes into right pocket between pad and body, and pushing off tip removes znnemann and unfolds it.

Have a two spot on the face of the pack, or you may lightly paste a dull finish piece of paper over the face of a card. Take about ten of these and glue together in a block.


Running through his own deck, the performer picks one out and holds it up with the hack to the audience. Now take any card case.

This is particularly true for mentalism books. As an afterthought, the deck is picked up, the paper placed on same and all handed spectator. Regards, Kris Shegloca The above is all rubbish, except that which you chose to believe.

Previous methods required a planted question, they could not be returned as read, and you needed an extra dummy blank question for the last one. He is then told to run through the deck, find the card he is thinking of, bring it to the face of the deck, square deck up and look intently at the card. When finished performer turns towards him and asks him to bold the drawing in front of himself with both hands.

The number that the third parly gives is actually written down and this three figure number the performer remembers. The number revealed, lights are on and the performer asks who wrote the information divulged.

The card on top is cut out slightly smaller than the hole in the block and this keeps the mirror in place. Ask sitter to examine the envelope, which he does and places back on table.

The cards are then laid with the writing side down in a row upon a table or stand.