Lc meletinsky, eleazar sociedades, culturas y hecho literario. A todos ellos deben afiadirse una introducci6n a ia teoria literaria. Now you can watch full. Title, Teoría literaria. Lingüística y teoría literaria. Contributors, Marc Angenot, Jean Bessière, Douwe Wessel Fokkema, Eva Kushner. Publisher, Siglo Veintiuno. Title, Teoria literária: problemas e perspectivas. Volume 51 of Nova enciclopédia. Author, Marc Angenot. Contributor, Edmond Cros. Publisher, Dom Quixote.

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Any interpretation is simply a way of revealing aspects of a determined work, always falling short of its total content.

In order to examine the interaction between the text and the reader, Iser looks for those qualities of the text that render it legible, deserving to be read, or that influence our reading, as well as the charactistics of the reading process that are essential for the comprehension of the text. However, as the experimental confirmation of this concept continued to reach increasingly scientific criteria of verification, being liteearia accepted by scientists, its tendency to identify the same wngenot in all works of art rendered it reductionist and less accepted by writers and art critics.

Protention is understood as the state of expectation that prepares the reproduction of a memory i. According to Iser, it is by filling out the gaps and the blanks of a text that the reader will reach its meaning. Within this context, based on psychological logic, the study of the behavior described seeks to delineate the character and the registration of the attitudes that human subjects make explicit or leave implied when performing them.

Thus, identified by their profession, behavior and social class i. Amazon Renewed Refurbished products with a warranty.

Teoria Literaria

On this basis, various psychological theories utilize different schemes in order to explain behavior. Reception and Response to the Environment.

Most of the time our thoughts are the establishment of relationships between classes. Liinc em Revista, 1 1Considering that the behavior results from this organism-environment interaction, Leite proposed that current psychology should have resources that will explain two forms of behavior that are of direct interest to literature i.


Regarding the creative process in the literature, Wellek and Warren proposes that modern studies may be closer to the relative role played by the conscious and the unconscious, since a writer is a specialist in the association ingenuitydissociation judgment and literarla creating a new whole from elements experienced separately of words, etoria he considers to be valuable symbols of themselves or literarai terms of what they represent.

Read more Read less. English Choose a language for shopping. Since the interest of the present study is in the behavior elicited by the reading of a literary work, we shall try to relate below a scheme of the E-R theory to the study proposed by us.

Teoria Literaria : Marc Angenot :

If we examine the adequacy of psychology to explain these two behaviors, we will clarify the occurrence and concretization of the attempt of the psychologist and the fiction writer to present a convincing description of a person and of a character. In other words, it is not the psychological truth, regardless of the emphasis on the notion of the reality of creation, that will give artistic value llteraria a work of art, but rather the way this truth was manipulated to underscore coherence and complexity so that something really new is obtained.

If you are a seller for this product, would you like to suggest updates through seller support? However, Wellek and Warren alerts to the danger of directing one’s investigative interests at drafts, litearria versions, exclusions and other original cuts made by the authors: Specifically used to deal with what one or more criteria cause something to be considered literature, the term literality, defined as a fictitious discourse or the imitation of daily language acts and in relation to certain properties of language Culler,has theoretically and methodologically relevant aspects of the literary object.

Actually, it is rare for us to think of a an isolated class. A psicologia e o estudo da literatura In D.

Psychology in Literature A Psychology as a Perspective for the Reception of Literature Leite believes that, in the creation of a work of art, the author goes beyond the superficial and apparent aspects of everyday life reached from a historical and sociological perspective in the search of what, by being expressed about the human psychological condition, will continue to be valid in highly diverse situations. Literature and Psychology, interdisciplinary, perspective.


Finally, a work of art is not a text or a concretization, but is something between them. All the contents of this journal, except where otherwise noted, is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution License.

In the first case, while, according to some, the “unit” of an individual is something to be sought, according to others, several personalistic systems may exist as long as their descriptions are scientifically useful. In turn, as a type, a writer has his personality taken into considerations i. Original publicado em Kaufhold, J. In Sartre’s conception, therefore, the descriptions of types, environments, sensations and emotions detectable in literary texts place us in front of a symbolic system whose understanding is a movement that is never concluded but in whch the symbologies are continuously sought for the progress of knowledge.

Spranger, when focusing his analysis on fundamental human values, admits theoretical, aesthetic, social, political, and religious types.

As a consequence, the individual perception of a writer is his thought, his invention, an observation about what is perceived. Jung, considering the Freudian concept of “libido” to be a sort of vital internal “energy” for existence, raised the proposal that libido may take two innate directions corresponding to the subjective-objective and internal-external dichotomies that would respectively result in the introversion and extroversion of being. What is responsible for this? It also presents the detailed schematization of the reading process observed in the textual reception process and in the organism-environment interaction.

Within this context, the writer, as an individual, is a unique being highlighted in the uniqueness that conjugates the human ensemble of individuals.

Also Leite,p. What is the difference between the anenot and Freud and Jung? Amazon Restaurants Food delivery from local restaurants. Within the first context, Krech and Crutchfieldp.