Pengertian Analisis Vegetasi Gulma. Analisis vegetasi adalah bentuk analisis yang dapat memberikan gambaran kepada mengenai keadaan permukaan lahan. GULMA PADA LAHAN PERKEBUNAN KELAPA. SAWIT No. Spesies. 1 Ottochloa nodosa. 1 17 5. 2 Paspalum conjugatum 3 Rotboellia exaltata. 2 Analisis Vegetasi Gulma pada Perkebunan Kelapa Sawit (Elais quineensis jacq. ) di Kilangan, Muaro Bulian, Batang Hari Gulma merupakan tumbuhan yang.

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It is also a weed of taro Colocasia esculenta in Fiji Heap, and of pastures Robert, University of North Carolina Herbarium.

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Global Biodiversity Information Facility. In its native range it has been found in swampy areas, rocky lands with running water, and sandy coasts in Brazil Lourteig,forest openings in Ecuador Svenson,second growth forests in Nicaragua Coe, aand disturbed areas in the Lesser Antilles in the Caribbean Graham, Vegetation of the coast of Ecuador and Peru and its relation to that of the Galapagos Islands.

In Hawaii, it is a weed of cucumber fields Valenzuela et al. Physiology and Phenology Reproductive phenology of C. Mountain Research and Development, 30 3: McKaughan and Macaraya, ; Graham, Cuphea strigulosa, a species from tropical America, is a sister to C.

Chemical control Large colonies of C. Dicotyledonae Summary of Invasiveness Cuphea carthagenensis is an annual herb of moist habitats. In Fiji, it flowers and fruits throughout the year Weakley, Brazilian flora checklist, list of species of the Brazilian flora. Taxonomy of the Lythraceae in the southeastern United States. It is also known from roadsides and as a ruderal in Brazil Vebetasi et al. Revista Brasileira de Entomologia, 53 3: Matuda, ; Missouri Botanical Garden, Weed management into the 21st century: Chemical composition and vasodilatation induced by Cuphea carthagenensis preparations.


Journal of Ethnopharmacology, 1: Acta Botanica Brasilica, 20 2: Macbride Lythraceae in Brazil, with vegftasi on its biology.

Seeds were found in the soil seed bank in association with invasion of Singapore daisy Sphagneticola trilobata in Fiji Macanawai, Verlag von Wilhelm Engelmann. Impact of Sphagneticola trilobata on plant diversity in soils in southeast Viti Levu, Fiji.

Prevention and Control Top of page Control Control is difficult because of the small size of the plant and its annual life cycle Keith Bradley, personal observation, This is likely a result of the species containing quercetinsulfate, which when metabolized to quercetin has a vasodilator effect Krepsky et al.

Naithani and Bennet, ; Kosaka et al. Lugduni Batavorum, Apud Theodorum Haak. Due to its widespread use in traditional medicine it has gained attention for modern clinical uses, particularly for cardiovascular disease. Cardiovascular Pharmacology, 35 2: Pacific Tropical Botanical Garden.

Biodiversity Science, 22 5: Note on the occurrence of Cuphea carthagensis from India. Weed communities on monoculture and intercropping cultivation techniques. This study aims to determine the dominant weed species and weed population dynamics on maize cultivation using organic and inorganic fertilizers.

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Email the author Login required. Jurnal Biologi Universitas Andalas 2 4: Heller International Common Names English: In Puerto Gluma, it is a weed of lower and middle elevations Liogier, Accidental Introduction Seeds of C.


The categorization and analysis on the geographic distribution patterns of Chinese alien invasive plants. In Fiji, two bees were found visiting its flowers, including the introduced allodapine bee Braunsapis puangensis and the native Homolictus fijiensis da Silva et al. The revegetation of strip mined bauxitic soils.

Revision of Cuphea section Heterodon Lythraceae. Districts Soconusco and Mariscal.

Monoculture and intercropping systems are techniques of controlling weeds in technical culture ecology. The Plant List, Please vvegetasi upgrading your browser to the latest version or installing a new browser. Biogeographic patterns of Antillean Lythraceae. An expanded phylogeny of Cuphea Lythraceae and a North American monophyly.