An Introduction to Science and Technology Studies, SecondEdition reflects Sergio Sismondo teaches Philosophy and Sociology at Queen’s. Request PDF on ResearchGate | On Jan 1, , Sergio Sismondo and others published An Introduction to Science and Technology Studies. An introduction to science and technology studies / Sergio Sismondo. p. cm. Includes bibliographical references and index. ISBN (hardcover: alk.

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For this reason, ANT is often seen as a blunt version of constructivism: Practices can be thought of as the accepted patterns of action and styles of work; cultures define the scope of available resources Pickering a.

This is a controversial position, for while many working scientists support Kuhn’s interpretation of how science is done e. In the twentieth century this view was championed most importandy by Vannevar Bush, one of the architects of the science policy pursued by the United States after the Second World War: Project Hindsight thus suggested that the direct influence.

That machining is possible because of the power of laboratories and laboratory-like settings such as field sites that are made to mimic labs; see Latour University of the Sunshine Coast Library. Latour says, “A little bit of constructivism takes you far away from realism; a complete constructivism brings you back to it” Latour Not eveiy fuel ignited. Universal scientific knowledge is the product of the manipulation of local accounts, a product that can be transported to a wide variety of new local circumstances.

Andre rated it really liked it Sep 15, The theory represents the work of technoscience as the creation of larger and stronger networks.

An introduction to science and technology studies | Sergio Sismondo –

Tags What are tags? Refresh and try again. Science and technology gain power from the untroduction of forces from context to context, translations that can only be achieved by formal rules.

dcience Philosophy, Rhetoric, and the End of Knowledge: For anyone interested in exploring a constructivist view of science influenced by sociology, philosophy, and other disciplines in the humanities, this is a great place to begin. The Prehistory of Science and Technology Studies 2.

An Introduction to Science and Technology Studies

Return to Book Page. The introductiom and the sociology are insepara- ble, because neither the technical vision nor the social vision will come into 66 Actor-Network Theory being without the other, though with enough concerted effort both may be brought into being together. That is, no one of them is crucial in advance.


Inscription xn, or machines that “transform pieces of matter into written documents” Latour and Woolgar Once an object has been de- fined and characterized, it can be trusted to behave similarly in studie similar situations, and actions can be delegated to that object.

They are typically the result of many different innovations, some of which might nor- mally be considered technical, some economic, some social, and some techonlogy. Paperbackpages. Not only the EDF actors did engineer- ing-sociology; their opponents at Renault, who were committed to inter- nal combustion engines, criticized both the technical details and die social feasibility of EDF’s plans. Jos rated it really liked it Jun 18, This process can also be thought of as a series of tests of actors, to find out which alliances can and cannot be built.

The French military of might be interested in recruiting bet- ter soldiers, but Pasteur translates that interest, via some simple rhetorical work, into support for his program of research. I understand and partially agree with both positions.

Includes topics such as realism and social construction, discourse and rhetoric, objectivity, the role of experiment and theory, controversies, and the critique of science and technology. My only criticism would be that I found there were places where some background knowledge was assumed – fine if you are not technologgy completely beginner, but if you know nothing about the field I read this for university and it’s a very useful and concise overview of the STS field.

Whereas the strong programme was “symmetric” in its analysis of truth and falsity and in its application of the same social explanation for, say, both true and false beliefs, ANT is “supersymmetric,” treating both the social and material worlds as the products oTnetworks Callon and Latour ; Callon and Law The University of Sydney.

And its claims about the relationality of materials inttoduction that its applications are often coun- ter-intuitive. While ANT is thoroughly materialist, it is also built on a relational ontol- ogy; it is based on a relational materiality Law Additionally, the bibliography is particularly excellent. Experience in the Escap Region.


An Introduction to Science and Technology Studies, 2nd Edition

That said, I feel it is impossible to deny that social construction is a fundamental part of how human understanding evolves. Scientific and technological work is performed in com- plex wnd circumstances; to be successful. It is only applicable through a new set of manipulations that adapt it once again to those local sismkndo or adapt those local circumstances to it.

Technollgy of these forms of constructivism are controversial on any reading, and all of them are potentially controversial in the details of their applica- tion. These 14 locations in All: However, the actors of ANT are heterogeneous in that they include both human and non-human actors, with no impor- tant distinction between them. National Library of Australia. Given its externalized perspective, non-humans can appear to act in exacdy the same way as do humans – they can have interests, they can enroll others.

Added to PP index Total downloads 24, of 2, Recent downloads 6 months 9 57, of 2, How can I increase my downloads? I read this book with the beginnings of an understanding of STS gathered from a handful of lectures and some independent reading. The case studies demonstrating points were really useful, and should come in handy for my exam. ANT has its origins in an attempt to understand science and technology – or technoscience in Latour’s terminology, since on this account science and technology involve the same processes.

Alix J rated it liked it Apr 05, Mar 31, Miranda rated it it was amazing. Electrons, elections, and everything in between are fair game in the build- ing of networks.

This is a difficult distinction to sustain, and the ends of ANT’s analyses seem to rest on the agency of non-humans. Therefore, science and technology must work by translating material actions and forces from one form into another.