Now the truth of this history will appear by considering the arguments on both sides. III. The arguments alleged for the testimony of the Three in. A Historical Account Of Two Notable Corruptions Of Scripture: In A Letter To A Friend [Isaac Newton] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. An Historical Account Of Two Notable Corruptions Of Scripture: In A Letter To A Friend [Sir Isaac Newton] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers.

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In aqua spiritum sanctum, Joan. This is to overthrow the authority of his version by making him depart from the received Greeks; and besides, it is contrary to what he himself seems to represent; for in his blaming not the vulgar Greek copies, but the Latin interpreters only, which were before his time, as if they had varied from the received Greek, he represents that he himself followed it.

The contents of this note are only visible in the diplomatic transcript because they were deleted on the original manuscript.

So then the authority of the printed books rests only upon the authority of the editions of Erasmus and Cardinal Ximenes. He does not excuse and justify himself for reading differently from the received Greek, to follow a private copy, but accuses former interpreters, as if, in leaving out the testimony of ” the Three in Heaven,” they had not followed the received Greek, as he did.

Yea, in the eleventh chapter of his third book, he fully recites the text thus: That doesn’t mean it was fun or easy reading. I have had so short a time to run my eye over Authors, that I cannot tell whether upon further search, more passages about this falsation may not hereafter occur pertinent to the argument. Doceant verba evanida aliis in locis atramento novo incrassata fuisse, velfateantur OC hie mutatum in GC.

Romae Bibliotheca, bona cum Leo- nis X. There is one which notably confirms what has hitherto been said, and makes it plain that his friends received his corruptions as genuine Scripture.


And as for the Greeks, Cyril of Alexandria reads the text without this testimony in the xivth book of his Thesaurus, cap. So then the testimony of the three in heaven, which in the times of those controversies would have been in every bodies mouth had it been in their books, was wholy unknown to the Churches of those ages.

Alexa Actionable Ihstorical for the Web. Please try again later. In cseteris vero epistolis, quantum a nostra aliorum distet editio, lectoris judicio derelinquo. Quicquid ex Maria natum est de spiritu sancto est, qui et secundum justiciam replevit quod creatum est, hoc quod manifestatum est in carne justificatum est in spiritu.

Two Notable Corruptions of Scripture (part 2: ff. 43-48)

Lucas himself collating many Latine ones notes it wanting in only five, that is in the few old ones he had, his manuscripts being almost all of them new ones. For God has been made Man, and Man God. Two Notable Corruptions of Scripture part 1: He met with eight manuscripts in all upon the epistles, and notes their reading thus: Now the truth of this history will appear by considering the arguments on both sides.

Praxeas be wholly spent in discoursing about the Trinity, and all texts of Scripture are cited to prove it, and this text of St. Such men may use the Apostle Iohn as they please: Which is manifest by the Prologue of S. Posteaquam enim concordiam inierunt cum ecclesia Romana, studuerunt et hac in parte cum Romania consentire. The two passages acclunt considers are still not none by many to this day.

Two Notable Corruptions of Scripture (part 2: ff. ) (Normalized Version)

For it is beside the use of this edition, to put notes in the margin of the Greek text. And can such shuffling dealings satisfy consider.

Incipit Prologus in Epistolas canonicas. By this means corruptoins old Latine has been so generally corrected that it is no where to be found sincere. The arguments alleged for the testimony of the Three in Heaven, are the authorities of Cyprian, Athanasius, and Jerome, and of many Greek manuscripts, and almost all the Latine ones.


Many notable instances of this he has left us in cr mposing those very fabulous lives of Paul and Hilarion, not to mention what he has written upon other occasions. Out of him the Africans began to allege it against the Vandals about 64 years after his death. The Greek manuscripts have the text thus: An unabridged, unaltered edition to include all Latin and Greek text with original footnotes exactly reprinted from the Horsley Edition of Sir Isaac Newton’s Works, Vol.

Referenced In Joshua There cannot be better service done to the truth, than to purge corruptjons of things spurious: Nktable reason of this seems to ontable, that of those who noted this testimony in the margin, some blotted out ” Et hi Tres Unum sunt” in the Loading Peter Cholinus notes in the margin of his Latine Edition of the scriptures printed A.

And so doth Oecu menius a later Greek in his commentary on this place of S.

And to what notabl And even Cypri an’s own words do plainly make for this interpre tation. So then the testimony of ” the Three in Heaven,” which, in the times of these controversies, would have been in everybody’s mouth, had it been in their books, was wholly unknown to the churches of those ages.

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It was easier to change a letter or two in the Greek then six words in the latine. Wetstein and Sir Srcipture Newton being its most strenuous advocates. We are seeking for the authority of Greek manuscripts. Whence Erasmus said of him, that he was in affirming things, ” frequently violent and impudent, and often contrary to himself1. Later, Frederick Nolan accoungEbenezer Henderson in and John William Burgon in the Revision Revised in all contributed substantially to the verse discussion.