Advanced Plating Technologies, a Milwaukee, Wisconsin company, is an industry leading provider of passivation of stainless steel to ASTM A, AMS AMS-QQ-P QQ-P Passivation of Corrosion Resistant Steels. RATIONALE. AMSE is issued to incorporate all changes approved by AMS Committee. ASTM F86 for Orthopedic implants, AMS for aerospace, ASTM A It is relatively easy to modify a passivation process to satisfy ASTM A [link is to.

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What requirement or standard is he auditing you against, since clearly it is not A? From beautiful Pine Beach New Jersey: As far as the additives, they aren’t absolutely necessary, but I like to think they do help quite a bit, since that’s essentially what my product is. Ray, Thank you for answering. If you do not 2070, they can use whatever they want, even ways that are not in any of the specifications!

ASTM A – Passivate – Passivation – AMS – QQ-PC – ASTM A | Santa Clara Plating

A renumbers those to 1 through 4 there is no such thing as Pasxivation Type 6 or 7 while restores the missing four for a total of eight Types. ASTM A renumbered those to nitric 1 through 4, while AMS brought back the ones that had been removed and has types 1 through 8. At Able Electropolishing, we meet the AMS passivation standard with our metal passivation services. Is one better passlvation another for medical devices? Thanks for your time. If so, how could I support that statement?

AMS Passivation Standards | Corrosion Resistance Improvement

If you are interested, click the link next to my name and you can get my contact information, then I can direct you to my distributor in Germany. If the part passes the verification test, what differences in function can occur in the part’s use if differing acid baths are used?


It appears that the types are associated with method 1, not method 2. All pzssivation presented is for general reference and does not represent a professional opinion nor the policy of an author’s employer. We design our own parts, and do our own passivation in house, and hence prefer the testing requirements of ASTM A What is AMS Passivation?

But if it’s a medical instrument or implant, then you’re also going to have to show the appropriate tribute to an F standard. You should never ask for “standard passivation” on imports.

Passivation restores the corrosion resistance of stainless steel parts. A discussion started in but continuing through Q. AMS [link by ed. Do you have any experience in passivating parts unlike in the AMS suggestions? What should I tell my customer?

Jan, Both standards are based heavily on the old QQ-P We are quoting passivation of a medical device manufactured from H stainless steel. April 12, A. During forming, machining, tumbling, lapping and other operations performed in the manufacture of stainless steel products, microscopic particles of iron my be embedded in or deposited on the surfaces of these products.

I replied that the parameters are in compliance with standard A but he’s telling that we don’t have objective evidence to support the validation since A defines minimum requirements that could be insufficient to passivatin process. A has a lot of excellent recommendations on general cleaning etc.

AMS 2700 Passivation Standard

I was looking at this thread and had this question Can you please tell me the differences between the passivation processes AMS [link by ed. Determining the suitability of A for your specific parts is up to you, or requirements set by your customer. Our database shop order system assures the same passivation process which has been selected will be specified each and every time the job comes to our shop. FebAnaheim, CA. AeroDef April 30 – May 1 Gain access to the technologies and people in aerospace and defense manufacturing.


December 19, A. I am struggling to understand which spec to use for passivation.

October 23, A. Is your business surgical implants, or are you with a passivation shop, or what? But again, please describe your situation. Lee Kremer has pointed out that A is not a Specification, only a Practice. Santa Clara Plating Co. You can guess the increase in the amount of testing involved. Do the parameters in A cover any worst case scenario?

But our favorite choice would be Type 8. In order to prevent this corrosion, semi-finished or finished parts are given a passivation treatment.

The AMS passivation specification pertains to metal passivation services like those performed at Able Electropolishing. In reading ASTM A and AMS it seems that there is quite a bit of overlap but with differences in the bath variables or verification requirements. Rest in peace, Ken. We can also help with your design to ensure RoHS compliance.