Five years ago, three friends and I set out to read some of the “great books” – or those works of literature which would merit re-reading several times over the. With its sparkling depiction of New York’s social strata, its intricate imagery and themes, and its immensely appealing characters, Rules of Civility won the hearts . Set in New York City in , Rules of Civility tells the story of a watershed year in the life of an uncompromising twenty-five-year-old named.

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Rules of Civility by Amor Towles – Reading Guide – : Books

Her shoulder-length hair, which was sandy in summer, turned ruls in the fall as if in sympathy with the wheat fields back home. After Rules of Civility cvility published, I wrote a series of six interlinked short stories called Eve in Hollywoodwhich follow her to Tinseltown in In 1 I don’t tkwles to say a lot about this book.

You will wait in vain, however, because despite the early acknowledgement of this transformation, Rules ends up asking us to take on fairy-tale faith that Cinderella can go to the ball, that a plucky Katya can shed the accent, learn the mannerisms and pole vault her way into the world of the Social Register with nary a wrong tkwles, social faux pas, cold shoulder or cutting remark.

When I told my seven-year-old son that I had written a book that was going to be published, he said: It is and Katey Kontent as in state of being is a young woman living it up in Manhattan. This book is all about the choices each of us makes in determining our fate, because we do make choices.

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However, very few, if any, lived in the community or the surrounding area prior civiliyy their arrest and conviction. While you’re lost in the whirl of silk stockings, furs and hip flasks, all you care about is what Katey Kontent does next.

In fact, knowing the story allowed me to luxuriate in the atmosphere Towles creates, understand more deeply the deftly wrought characters and enjoy the tempo of the dialogue. No goody-goody, unrealistic, cookie-cutter cliches here, and I liked that. You remember these books or that painting and you know exactly what is expressed. We’re told at the beginning that New York is a place where “Katyas become Katies”, and while we’re never told as much, we imagine that Kontent a wonderful fairy tale name is also a shortening of some unwieldy Russian surname the inverse of Gatz to Gatsby, one imagines.

He has the money. If you like this, then please share!

A Gentleman in Moscow was one of my favorite reads inand Rules of Civility has proved to me that Amor Towles is the real thing. I also liked the way he brought it all together in the end, drawing some poignant and profound conclusions. Eve is disfigured but spots an opportunity for justice: I was only going to rate it four stars.

The entire time I had this inclination that the book qmor going to end the way it did I won’t spoil the ending, but I guessed it from the start! Then Towles puts it there for us in his metaphor.


Favorite Quote “At any given moment we’re all seeking someone’s forgiveness. View all 25 comments.

RULES OF CIVILITY by Amor Towles | Kirkus Reviews

Tinker also appears twice in a class picture. Oof read them on the subway, at the deli and in my bed alone. In a photo dated one year later he The prologue to this novel takes place at an exhibition of photographs by Walker Evans in It’s all too rare to find a fun, glamorous, semi-literary tale to get lost in.

The year is So much happens, so many decisions are made that impact our So much has fules said about this book here and elsewhere that I’m not sure what else to add. There is a wonderful covility. I’m going to attribute this issue to the fact that the author grew up in East Coast suburbs and went to the Ivy Leagues – my guess is he’s grown up too close to those elite circles to actually see how snobby and exclusive and racist and sexist they can be.

Rules of Civility

In summary, I loved listening to this audiobook. It is even more ironic than I thought. It has a special feel to it. What’s wrong with that, you say? You feel that when you read this book. Fun to eavesdrop on all that. Absolutely excellent narration by Rebecca Lowman.