As it happens, by *ahem* leveraging some systems in the game, you can in fact turn a high-quality gem plus some low-quality components into. Kingdoms of Amalur Blacksmithing Guide. Blacksmithing Station. The system in place for Blacksmithing in Kingdoms of Amalur is quite interesting and quite fun. Kingdoms of Amalur at IGN: walkthroughs, items, maps, video tips, and Blacksmithing uses Components to create weapons and armor from.

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I would recomend waiting to go to Rathir or that dock city till you level up after doing everything outside of that city. Don’t forget, you normally earn a maximum of 40 skill points for your character — points from trainers and skill books bladksmithing considered valuable bonuses.

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Repairing equipment at NPCs costs gold, and the price increases the worse condition the item is in. Cloth armor helps with mana regen but is weak for protection. If you are lucky enough it will break down into 2 separate pieces with the same stats as the gems you.

Sign up for free! Now, this method isn’t quite as flawless as its results – there’s all sorts of restrictions and rules that make things complicated e. The strength of the bonus is based on what tier of core component was used to create the item for example, for metal weapons, iron is the lowest tier, then blackxmithing, then azurite, then sylvanite, then prismere as the top tier.

Kingdoms of Amalur doesn’t have particular special materials besides at least one quest where you deconstruct a few different staves to then craft a legendary staff to turn in; but those components have poor stats. Blacksmithinv Kingdoms of Amalur. I am playing a Thief character.

Keep me logged blavksmithing on this device Forgot your username or password? These bonuses are in addition to the bonuses provided from support components included in the item’s crafting.


Otherwise, you will have 3 points locked into that skill and be permanently locked out of one of the Basic trainers.

Then the entire island is rich with materials! If you really want to get there sooner, you can also savescum it a bit and reload to right before you smelt down a few things to keep trying for specific materials. Is there any way to do something like with shards, and somehow refine or reinforce or reforge or re-something my components into better-quality ones?

In Kingdom of Amalur: That’s pretty close to the method I’ve found on the Internet, but I want to test it and I wanted to see if anyone else had come up with something. When going threw the game you will be tempted to steal and most of the time crime doesn’t pay if your hand slips and you mess up with stealth or pickpocketing.

Also, did you take your name from the character in the Chrestomanci novels?

Kingdoms of Amalur Blacksmithing Guide

By using our site, you acknowledge that you have read and understand our Cookie PolicyPrivacy Policyand our Terms of Service. So if it’s a flaming greatsword you might get a pretty good handle, but lets say it’s a poor quality greatsword that you only want for the prismere blade, it might take amalu blades or if you savescum then three tries to get that blade; or you get it right off the amalu. I’ve never really looked into this, but as soon as you said there was a way I started thinking about it: This makes for a total of 89 out of 90 Skill Points obtainable in the main game.

The game randomizes all the items in shops, chests, and each time you salvage an item you get random components based on the item’s stats and even then its random so you might get terrible components from a good weapon. The only way to ‘upgrade’ is to sell them and use the money to buy better components. Your main means of getting components will be smelting or scraping down weapons and armor you have crafted or looted, but it isn’t the only way you can get components.


Blacksmithing | Amalur Wiki | FANDOM powered by Wikia

If you are maxed on Black smith skill, you’ll automatically forge them in to master crafted which boost the base damage to if I recall correctly. Once you have at least level 7 Blacksmithing you can incorporate gems: Jed Oliver 1 4 The following sections present the various pieces of data related to blacksmithing, or an alternative presentation in the form of a spreadsheet can be found here.

Then, using the scientific miracle of quicksaves, I salvaged all six of them six times and recorded the results. The linked guide has a bunch of essential tables that describe how this works in greater detail, but here’s the theory behind it and an idea of what you can accomplish with a bit of effort.

Once you get to the west you get different tier also. It is only visible to you. Saving amlur reloading for example is pure bs and is not playing the game as intended. At level 3 infrequent items can be salvaged and level 6 unlocks rare items. If you do you will never run out of gold and even with the lowest merchant skill most things you would want to buy are obtainable. Each blackzmithing these then has different sub-tiers with themselves. Also, kill some NPC critters.