Alternity all Book “The Externals” by William W. Connors and Steven Schend. Alternity is a Science-Fiction “Role Playing Game” featuring Dark Matter (modern . Index of /~akclark/Alternity/ Aug Alternity – Star Drive – The Aug Alternity. Some time ago, before WotC pulled the pdfs, I purchased a copy of The Externals . It consisted of a series of interconnected html documents.

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The Bareem Nearly twelve thousand years ago, the bird-folk known as the sifarv left their moon home and ventured down to the third planet of the Toal system around which it orbited.

Occupation of Penates begins. As well, there are more hints and rumors about the mysterious powers behind the Exeat and the dark abilities that they grant their truest servants! The 15 ythkomro remain unnamed until late in the war. Neither can issue orders to the other, though each can make official requests for cooperation.

The Guide to FX and other sources. Of course, until the humans outlive their usefulness, the crafty gardhyi play up their roles among the goings-on in the Verge.

Index of /~akclark/Alternity/

Here are some universal rules for this language which are used as examples throughout this book: Limbs always appear directly between a pair of opposing limbs: While they are no less mortal than any other species of Externals or Vergers, many among the Exeat bring Thaal Ecological Data Biochemistry: A timeline detailing some of the major strategic elements of the war serves as a framework that Gamemasters can use to create adventures for their players.

In order altefnity release the books are:. This product can provide you and the supporting cast and heroes of the Verge many answers about the invaders. At the far end of the Verge, alien species unheard of before the Second Galactic War have begun to stir.

Alternity – Star Drive – The Externals – PDF Free Download

In that alone is power beyond your reckoning. The kadaran scientists really see the Exeat merely as a chance to push forward the boundaries of their biotechnology, as well as a way to gather and examine new human extrnals to adapt to their own uses like stardrives, mass reactors, and cybernetics.


Even so, many among the Austrins, Altefnity, Nariac, and Insight are intensely curious about kadaran biotech, and some might even be so moved to shelter a kadaran and its technology secrets for advancing their positions after the war.

This bonus works only when a kadaran applies more than three limbs and at least two eyes to the task at hand. Thus, much of their clothing and building provides wideopen spaces for them to stretch their wings. Each social group has a social, political, and military title and aoternity are multiple meanings and subtle distinctions among them.

Secretly, she allies with the Trillaari see the sifarv entry in Section Two in hopes of ending Theocracy rule and overthrowing many corrupt families in favor of a new sifarv ruling line. Three black multifaceted eyes sit broadly along the flattened head, spaced widely to allow for degrees of vision and relatively good distance judgement.

An early magus simply grew from the introduction of the virus via technologically altered teln larvae. Kroath are all totally mute, as their solidly sealed armor prevents much communication.

Altenity the Galactic Concord has slowed their progress, the Klicks are determined and resourceful. This ability works only among siblings, though payans deliver no fewer than three and up to nine children per pregnancy.

Star Drive

In short, the psionic priesthood holds power over the nobility, which in turn holds power over the military, all three sharing dominance over their general public. Thus, many live their lives keeping their heads down and not being noticed by the upper classes; it is by far the safest way to live. Unfortunately, numerous atomic akternity detonated on the krosh moon of Qualv VIII clouded its atmosphere with a radioactive winter lasting to the present. Thus, kadaran fxternals enclaves always have orchards or forests of these biotech trees somewhere around them.

Warlike in thought and action, the sifarv culture admires and embraces strategy, tactics, and a militaristic zeal for order. Bareem are large, hulking hominids almost as hard to miss as a weren or medurr. Beneath each oharel are exactly two vurythan vuryth singular. Avatar reveals the existence of the teln parasites on Algemron via the Galactic News Agency, though many dismiss the report as an urban legend and conspiracy theory. Any reproduction or unauthorized use of this product is prohibited without the express written consent of Wizards of the Coast, Inc.


This area of effect remains in place for an hour even if the worshiper leaves its confines. Their prehensile hands and feet are identical with Kadaran Ecological Data Biochemistry: All have the starweb technology implanted in them to ensure their exile, but their powers are broad and varied, as are their interests. Heroes can meet, examine, and expose these Externals, but their status among the Externals may be impossible The Medurr to determine until seen in context with any of the other External species.

Its three-digited hands and feet are prehensile two massive fingers and an equally massive thumb ; a barem can easily choke three or four slaves a,ternity submission with its feet and hands around different necks at once.

Over time, the kadarans became the primary scientists among the Demesne species, a standing they have retained during the past seven centuries of Theocracy rule. Humans find the hulk in the Oberon system Threats, p.

Points of little military importance but of seemingly great interest to the Exeat are any Precursor ruins. Bareem remain ever prepared for battle, though they like the weren do not seek them out. What if the fraal used all their psionic might against us? The following year saw the Exeat in a state of readiness and preparation, their klick and kroath shock troops sowing chaos around the Verge.

The magus forms from a combined suspension of an invasive bio-organic virus with preprogrammed nanites courtesy of VoidCorp which invades a living bioform of any kind. The paranoia engendered by the revelation were tough on fraal relations with other species, but many of the Verge Alliance powers and the fraal themselves simply used the chance to learn more about their own psionic potentials.