Allgon dualband antenna specification. 1. AllgonAntenna SystemsNMT , ETACS , GSM , DCS , UMTS ; 2. Antennas. A Tradition of Quality Since Powerwave delivers antennas to cus- . Gain. Electrical. HBW. Number. Family. MHz. Number. dBi (dBd). Downtilt. Model. Type. Length. Width. Depth. Weight. , Panel, , , , , Panel, , , , , Panel, , , ,

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Donation to Save the Children Sweden Christmas is all about the children! The antenna as defined in claim 1wherein said groove at each edge portion is defined by longitudinally extending, substantially planar wall portions.

Introduced a planar near field scanner for antenna-to-antenna phase calibration. We supply some of them and are happy to answer your questions regarding the right cable. Comes including an 8m low loss antenna cable with SMA connector. Four rods with a length of approx- 50cm make uup the counterpoise system.

Finally, circular polarization may be used instead of cross polarization provided that the two feed channels are combined by a quadrature hybrid wide band branch-line coupler. This is very helpful when operating a WiFi antebna on board a ship which connects to a land-based WiFi network. Mast mounted for vertical polarization, connector box waterproof with N connector female. Psecification polarized antenna array having extended E-plane beam width and method for accomplishing beam width extension.

The antennas are waterproof and come with a 1m long cable with SMA connector. Cables, antemna sides FME. Adaptors and antsnna for USB sticks and 3G cards are available. The antenna as defined in claim 6wherein said wall portions comprise two side wall portions and a bottom wall portion.

Further to the antenna gain you will experience a system gain of at least 10 dB compared to the small built-in antennas by qllgon the antenna outside of a building. Gain 8 dBi, length 55cm, connector N female. Vertical polarisation, mast mount clamp included. As appears from FIG. The gain is approx. Alternatively we also offer mounting brackets Data sheet Download: The antenna comes complete with 2x 5m cable and SMA connectors.


The exact configuration and dimensions of the grooves are of course dependent on the particular frequency bands being used, the configuration of the combined antenna elements, the configuration of specificqtion reflector device, and the geometry and material of the cover or radome normally mounted as a protective cover on the front side of the antenna.

High isolation dual specificagion antenna system with microstrip-fed aperture coupled patches. This antenna is also suitable for WiFi on 2.

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For telephony and data applications, connector N female on pigtail. We have the capabilities to design customized antenna solutions for your needs.

Of course cable lengths longer than 8m are also possible, but require some more planning and calculation. Height mm, diameter 76mm. This antenna has a protection clas of IP44 when installed. Flat panel antenna with radome for specificatlon installations, 15 dBi gain. The geometrical configuration of the grooves can be selected as desired by those skilled in the art, e.

About TQ Antennas

For other devices we can supply a suitable adaptor. Acquired S parameters and 3D antenna patterns from the spherical near field range facility closely matched the numerical results. Today, TYRI releases a whole new generation of intelligent work lights based on wireless communication. For practical reasons, the groove is preferably defined by longitudinally extending, substantially planar wall portions, such as two side wall portions and an intermediate bottom wall portion, obtained by bending of a metallic sheet material, such as aluminium, preferably in one piece with the rest of the reflector device.

Next generation intelligent work lights Today, TYRI releases a whole new generation of intelligent work lights based on wireless communication. Accordingly, there is also a need for antennas being operable in two speclfication more frequency bands, preferably also with dual polarization in order to accomplish a desired diversity of the radio frequency radiation received by the antenna. The grooves may alternatively be designed as separate metal elements mounted on each lateral side of the reflector device.


The coinciding beam widths have been achieved by a specific configuration of the reflector device allgkn at the longitudinal edge portions thereof, viz. Omni-directional antenna Hustler Antenna G7.

The inter-channel isolation has also been advantageously affected by making the radiating patches slightly rectangular, i. Year of fee payment: TQ Antennas is headed by Antena Smith, an Antenna Design Engineer with experience in product development for a mass production environment. Window clamp for temporary use of a radio in a car, just place the rubber ducky of your handheld radio or any other antenna on the clamp.

Includes two waterproof rubber gaskets. The spacing between the smaller radiating patches 6 a6 betc.

Because of the different wavelengths, e. The antennas work independent from external ground planes and can be installed on any materials. Please look on the bottom side of your card, there you will find the manufacturer’s antenha.

The antenna as defined in claim antnenawherein said at least one combined antenna element comprises at least two patch elements. As a general rule, however, tests have shown that the depth of the groove should be 0. The dimensions of the grooves are in accordance with the specifications indicated in the first, general part specificatiin the description, the width of each groove being Moreover, the antenna can be provided with only one combined antenna element instead of a linear array.

Therefore, our Christmas gift this year is a donation… Read more. Our products are well-known to have a robust design and high reliability. Wideband 2-way antsnna with N female connectors, for combining of GSM antennas.