allama iqbal poetry, allama iqbal urdu english poetry, poem, shikwa, iblees, jawab (Bal-e-Jibril) Masjid-e-Qurtaba (مسجد قرطبہ) The Mosque of Cordoba. Author: Sir Muhammad Iqbal. Publisher: Taj Company. City: Lahore. Year: Classification (DDC): Classification (IAP): 8UA2. Pages: Author: Sir Muhammad Iqbal. Publisher: Iqbal Academy Pakistan. City: Lahore. Year: Classification (DDC): /ا۔ق۔ب. Classification (IAP): 8UA2 .

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Allama Iqbal is a great man.

Thanking you in anticipation. Muhammad Aleem Arif 14 January at Anonymous 7 November at Satan has done zulm on him itself. That was pretty painful to read, until “spanks of storm” made me laugh out loud. Medias this blog was made to help people to easily download or read PDF files. Haroon Amin 25 January at I just returned from visiting the great Cordoba Mosque and was compelled to find Allama Iqbal’s great work above. Spiritual-Passion is the Divine Flask!

Allama Iqbal Poetry کلام علامہ محمد اقبال: (Bal-e-Jibril) Jibreel-o-Iblees

He is your open enemy. The architecture is amazing and it felt so peaceful and pleasantly cool to visit it in the mid afternoon heat. You are among the luckiest. Anonymous 7 December at Anonymous 6 October at Uzair Tariq 13 November at This is a masterpiece of Allama Iqbal’s poetry.


Anonymous 13 June at Satan knowingly thinks he is the one who challenged Allah and caused concern and he is something special, where as he is on borrowed time that too he begged Allah for time till the day of judgement kibreel mislead mankind from the path of Allah.

Anonymous 20 June at He should have asked forgiveness and said that aolama was wrong and he was wrong while he became ignorant. Mazhar Khan 23 September at Let me clear somethings here. You are right in saying that read even one line again and again and a every time a new dimensiona new meaning surfaces. I wish, your efforts to spread the message of Iqbal be very successful. Kya kehny janab AP ki aqal k Satan nhi maafi mangei ga mere khyal se.

Anonymous 29 March at Allah iqbal Sahib ka Martba hmesha buland rakhy.

He taunts Jibreel of being a submissive and an obedient creature and humbles Jibreel to the point of nothingness in order to make an argument for his wrong which he was destined to be so. Allah aap ko din doni rat chugni tarqi dey.


Anonymous 18 November at Anonymous 4 April at Yet in this despairing gloom there gleams a colour of permanence; In the creative handiwork of a Man of God, aglow in spiritual radiance! Anonymous 12 November at Anonymous 24 July at His poetry is awesome.

In this poem iqbal describe Muslim rulers who were jibree for their people he talked about love with Allah and Islam. Allah aap ko din doni rat chugni tarqi dey.

Bal-e-Jibreel By Allama Iqbal

Anonymous 9 November at Espacialy his Thoery of Khdi That unfolds the Masseges of self repect. Aarif 18 March at Satan almia yeh hey keh us ki taqdeer mein he ‘malaoon’ hona likha tha. Anonymous 2 October at Anonymous 20 January at Aaleen Shafaat 18 May at Professor 14 April at Anonymous 29 July at