WMU’s , , , , , , and For further information Base Map Data provided by the Goverment of Alberta under. Fish and Wildlife; Fishing, Hunting & Trapping · Hunting in Alberta; Current page is Wildlife WMU Maps and Legal Land Descriptions. Details for WMU Commencing at the junction of highways 1A and 22 near Cochrane; thence northerly along highway 22 to secondary road ; thence.

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Based on our population counts, we calculate the number of animals that can be harvested for each species while meeting those goals.

Learn how to be prepared in the event of an emergency. The parkade and the Strathcona County Aoberta remain closed. This is in part because the majority of the hunting community are great environmental stewards who understand the need to pay it forward.

Related pages Bylaws and policies. Pieces of meat from typical household purposes especially cooked break down easier. The following regulations apply to hunting on occupied land:. This is why the number of licences available for a particular species can differ across WMUs.

Post was not sent – check your email addresses! Public access via the Festival Way entrance is available as of December 19 to: To be responsible, rules for hunting in each wmh have to reflect these needs. One of the hardest hurdles for many new hunters to overcome is figuring out what they can hunt — and where in the province they can hunt it. For locations of hunting licence issuers:. There is no hunting allowed on any County property. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: It also helps us spread hunting opportunities throughout the province, making things more equitable.


Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. Too heavy — the maximum weight allowance is 90 kg lb for a cart to be able to be picked mqp safely.

Hunting in Strathcona County

It is your responsibility to know in which WMU you are hunting and the seasons, rules and regulations that govern hunting in that WMU. Hunting game birds with a shotgun on road allowances is not permitted in the County. To keep the hunting tradition alive, we must make sure that our native game species continued to thrive.

Strathcona County is a Specialized Municipality and, because of this designation, all road allowances are considered County property. Alberta Environment and Parks.

Trophy Hunters Alberta – Territory – WMUs & Maps – Parkland WMUs – WMU

Please do not allow the hunting of Sandhill Cranes. Where hunting is and is not permitted. Maps providing information about access, topography and land ownership can be purchased at several locations throughout the province. Alberta is divided into about WMUs. The maps within this website are provided to help you identify the WMU in which you wish to hunt. These rules are in place to prevent overhunting. Provincial and Federal Maps Provincial and federal access and topographical maps are available from various private map dealers throughout the province.

It mao entirely the decision of the landowner or occupant whether to allow hunting on the property. The Clover Bar Landfill will no longer accept carcasses. Learning where and when you can hunt is the first step towards a responsible and rewarding hunting experience.

Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here But if the goal is to keep the population stable, fewer licences would be available. Albrta landowner may specify the number of hunters allowed, or particular areas they should avoid. Over-hunting can endanger species or even eliminate them from the landscape — and no animals means no hunting.


Hunting in Strathcona County | Strathcona County

Navigating the Paperwork Alberta Environment and Parks. A large portion of the privately-owned land in the County falls into the category of occupied land, as defined under the Wildlife Act. Map Dealer locations are highlighted on the Map Distribution Centre external website at e srd. County and Other Municipal Maps Hunters are reminded to check with county and municipal offices for detailed maps showing land ownership status. The landowner is responsible to ensure that the hunter understands any conditions on which hunting is being permitted.

Alberta Environment and Sustainable Resource Development. And both of these things help keep hunting sustainable. So, we need a way of deciding who gets to hunt what — and a way to make sure that it treats everyone fairly.

You are commenting using your Twitter account. You are commenting using your Facebook account. They must be taken to the Ryley Landfillwhich is equipped to handle dead animals in the proper manner.

For locations of hunting licence issuers: Mountain WMU Seasons Series Good management helps us keep the hunting tradition going into the next generation.

They are amazing creatures and we do not get many in our area near Rocky Mountain House. Carcasses don’t belong in the green organics cart or recycle station.