Results 1 – 12 of 18 (a story for juvenile). Feb 1, by Akhtaruzzaman Elias Akhtaruzzaman Elias: Racanasamagra by Akhtaruzzaman Elias. Akhtaruzzaman Elias. K likes. Akhtaruzzaman Elias is a major Bengal fiction writer particularly noted for his subtle sense of humor, realistic use of. Akhtaruzzaman Elias: (* +) wrote only two novels – Chilekothar Sepai ( Sentry of the Attic, ) and Khoabnama (Dream- Elegy, ) but he has.

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Here, aesthetic judgement is refracted through the prism of ideology. Salimullah Khan on Elias. Even Riot by Shahi Tharoor is also a worthwhile example in terms of communal disharmony. Tomij is an employee of local landlord.

Akhteruzzaman Elias

At first Kalam sees Keramat Ali at the door and mistakenly recognises him as Tamij. Through this character, Elias tried to judge the relation of human being with his surroundings, state, government and politics. Leaders of the uprising middle class people instigate and lead the common folk. After the brutal killing of Bangabandhu and most of his family members, when the government changed, Dainik Shangbad stopped to publish his novel. See more of Akhtaruzzaman Elias on Facebook.

The Hindu-Muslim communal harmony for hundreds of years faces a irreparable havoc. They all secure their own interest, but at the end of the day, they all feel sympathy for each other. Before settling down in a peaceful situation the Tebhaga movement starts.

There is no doubt that Elias swore allegiance to the oppressed and that is why he condemned the Partition of Bengal as a ploy to deceive the exploited, both Hindu and Muslim. Stories about Kathlahar Bil, and the concerned people are no less indispensable than fairy elements. Tamij and many of his fellow men are akhyaruzzaman by this movement but the unfortunate incidents like Hindu-Muslims riot and Separation of India cause meteoric change in their belief and deeds.


The first appearance of Kulsum is also in a dream. Breastless Eliax denotes some more significance in the novel — the loss of beauty as well as the loss of completeness.

Akhtaruzzaman Elias – IMDb

Another novelist Nasreen Jahan b is also a significant one in the trend. Hapless farmers remain poor.

Tamijer Bap lives a mysterious life and socially he is believed to be a mysterious man also. Refuge-problem is another consequence of the partition of India. With such an unreal and dream-like time the story opens when due to the Second World War prices of all commodities are going up rapidly and the effects of it are touching even the agrarian village life. Due to these conflicts the nearby town is soon crowded with Muslim migrants flooding from India.

Sign-up your eMail Username: Never-ending struggles of the mass people and the critical political history of our region, come simultaneously in his writings.

Past helps us to understand the position and development of present and at the same time it helps us to communicate with the future. The origin of his desire is caused from the long heritage of Kulsum.

Quality Matters for Him | |

This is the first evaluation of Elias written in English, an author whom illustrious writers like Mahasveta Devi and Hasan Azizul Haque regard as a ‘wonder’.

Akhtaruzzaman Elias, much senior to Shahidul Zahir and Nasreen Jahan, exercised magic realism is Khoabnama abundantly. Akhtaruzzaman Elias wrote only two novels — Chilekothar Sepai The Soldier in an Attic, and Khoabnama Dream Epic, but he has created a permanent place in the history of Bangla novels.

Another compilation of his short stories Khoari was published in September The War we Forgot:: His short stories were published in all the leading newspapers of Bangladesh.

Moriam Elias was a housewife. Gradually, Elias developed himself as a powerful storyteller.

In the context of the novels of Bangladesh, he is possibly the second person highest acclaimed after Syed Waliullah At the end of the novel Sakhina is seen with Fuljan at Kathlahar Bil where Sakhina remakes her connection with her forefathers where remains the long hereditary connection only, nothing else.


The Appendices reveal the personality of Elias, and the comprehensive Bibliography will help researchers interested in Elias, modern literary theory and sociology of literature. Today, on the 73rd birth anniversary of this great writer, morning tea pays tribute to Akhtaruzzaman Elias. Kalam Majhi appears before her as a saviour but her real attitude is not unexposed to Kulsum to the end, though not to other people till the end.

Mashrafe Hunt for dozens missing in deadly Russia high-rise blast Security beefed up in city to prevent post-election violence No security threat over 31st Night: This is the first evaluation of Elias written in English, an aktharuzzaman whom illustrious writers like Mahasveta Devi and Hasan Azizul Haque regard as a ‘wonder’.

His second and till now last novel She Rate Purnima Chhilo is also a worthwhile instance. During the later part ofhe suffered from cancer. Among all the characters Kulsum dreams most of the dreams. Akhtaruzzamman the remote villages can not be saved from this flare.

Based on a sensitive and meticulous deconstruction of Elias’s texts, it should encourage readers to proceed to the texts themselves. His first short story was published in little magazine Ashonno aohtaruzzaman March Elias achieved Bangla Academy Award in Only a few writers came forth to write akhtaguzzaman on this issue.

Famine, communal riot, Adhiar Revolution of the hapless mass farmers, independence from British subjugation, birth of two new countries; all these become the parts of Khoabnama.

He rejected the Western formula of writing novels and established a brand new way of storytelling. There are other people also akhtaruzzama possesses affinity towards Kulsum.