three specified configurations as provided in AISC Supplement No. 1 thus allows moment end plates to be considered for use in the. AISC’s Supplement No. 1 to Prequalified Connections for Special and Intermediate Steel Moment Frames for Seismic Applications (ANSI/AISC. 1 (includes supplement) Supersedes ANSI/AISC and ANSI/ AISC s Approved by the AISC Connection Prequalification Review Panel .

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AISC 358-10 Prequalified Connections

The depth of built-up 358-005 columns shall not exceed that for rolled shapes. Because weld access holes are not permitted, the beam-flange-to-end plate weld at the beam web is necessarily a partial-joint-penetration PJP groove weld.

For these reasons, it was judged reasonable to permit the calculation of the width-to-thickness ratio a reasonable distance into the RBS cut. In the Northridge earthquake, a number of steel moment frame buildings were found to have experienced brittle fractures that initiated at the welded beam flange-to-column flange joints of moment connections.

Two means of demonstration are acceptable. Tests conducted at the University of Minnesota Lee et al.

The load combination of 1. Symbols without text definitions, used in only one location and defined at that location, are omitted in some cases. Check the flange plate for compression buckling.

AISC Prequalified Connections

Punched bolt holes without reaming are not permitted, because punching may induce surface roughness in the hole that may initiate cracking qisc the net section under high tensile stress.

Check the flange plate for tensile rupture. Consequently, if a supplemental brace is provided, it should be located at or just beyond the end of the RBS that is farthest from the face of the column.


The pinching is caused by a combination of bolt slip and the sequence of yielding and strain hardening encountered in the connection.

Prequalification testing has generally been performed with bare steel specimens. Compute Mpe, the plastic moment of the beam based on the expected yield stress: One means consists of project-specific testing aissc which a limited number of full-scale specimens, representing the connections to be used in a structure, are constructed and tested in accordance with a protocol prescribed in Chapter K of the AISC Seismic Aics. Documents Flashcards Grammar checker.

Limits for IMF connections somewhat exceed these limits because 18 of aisx past 20 tests used to prequalify the connection developed plastic rotations larger than those required to qualify as a SMF connection, and all 20 tests greatly exceed the rotation required to qualify as an IMF connection. If built-up sections are used, the webto-flange weld may be a one-sided fillet weld, except within the beam, depth, or three times the flange width of the face of the end-plate.

The bolted single plate shear 358-0 shall be designed as a slip-critical connection, with the design slip resistance per bolt determined according to the AISC Specification. Built-up Members Built-up members having a doubly symmetric, I-shaped cross section shall meet the following requirements: Peak strength of specimens is usually achieved at an interstory drift angle of approximately 0.

Connections contained in iasc Standard have met the criteria for prequalification when applied to framing that complies with the limitations contained herein and when designed and detailed in accordance with this Standard.

Step 12 checks block shear of the bolt group in the flange plate, and Step 13 checks the flange plate for buckling, when Fpr is in Prequalified Connections for Special and Intermediate Steel Moment Frames for Seismic Applications,incl.


Tests have shown that the use of finger shims between the end-plate and the column flange do not affect the performance of the connection Sumner et al. Extended end-plate moment connections in SMF systems with concrete structural slabs are prequalified only if: If desired, the gravity load on this small portion of the beam is permitted to be included in the free-body diagram shown in Figure 5. There is only one reported failed test, due to the inadvertent use of low-toughness weld metal for beam flange CJP groove welds Minnesota Specimen CR4.

Cracks shall not be permitted.

The written practice shall include provisions specifically intended to evaluate defects found in cast steel products. Some concerns were raised in the past that the presence of the RBS flange cuts might make the beam more prone to lateral-torsional buckling and that supplemental lateral bracing should be provided at the RBS.

The clip shall be detailed to facilitate suitable weld terminations for both the flange weld 3358-05 the web weld.


The radius cut avoids abrupt changes of cross section, reducing the chances of a premature fracture occurring within the reduced section. These welds shall be demand critical. Weld access holes should satisfy the requirements of Section 6.