Products 1 – 6 of 6 If you have biographical information of Bill Dekel please email us. We would like to add it here. Air Writer by Bill Dekel & Timon Krause. MagicCN Store Air Writer by Bill Dekel and Simon Krause (Download) [ download] – Instant Download! Please give me your email when you buy this item. Air Writer Written by DekEl and Timon Krause Introduction I cannot begin So I gave it some thought and had some conversation with Bill and.

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Then flips over one on the table. I then run through the process, and then pick up the small aiir, slip on the TT, and draw the symbol. This method can be used to choose the row or word on a row in book tests as well in order to enhance it. Your spectator thinks of a month. You then remove your hands to show that you were thinking of the same number.

This little table has served me very, very well for short words. A similar tactic was used in the classic effect ‘Gray Elephants in Denmark’. There are no doors.

This new principle uses none of the dejel I have a TT in my pocket. Please think of a word. Here’s a map for each of the symbols.

Tmuna Theatre: A-Genre | MidnightEast

Ayelet Dekel A most intriguing aspect of A-Genre this year was the re-working of some pieces from previous years. You give them a reading that relates to their choice, and then name it aloud.

Now, explain that this box is a Qui-Life box, that can bring life into being with a mere word or thought, depending on your presentation.


Also, I think some of the extended ideas in the book are basically unworkable–or at the very least, dicey–in practice. An artistic observation and exploration of the changes that have taken place in Israeli culture.

At least that is what your audience believes. Manufacturer No Featured Product No. The choice is free.

Dekel and Simon Krause – Air Writer – [PDF Document]

Dwkel instead you are looking for something more direct, take a look at the card forcing method; The Fair. Your spectator thinks of a color, and then a planet. Imagine asking someone to think of a word, and change it twice. Yellow – Open, free. Choose number cards or picture cards.

This time around in viewing the Gallery works, I sat down with Hannah Vazzana Greenwald wrietr sort legumes, and could not walk away. This is one of those things that mentalists will be relying upon for a very long time This is simply because most people can’t or think they can’t draw something like an animal or a non stick figure, plus it would be embarrassing if their drawing came out poorly. You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website.

L or R can be hard to determine, so sometimes on this one I ask if the letter has a curve in it, it helps considerably.

Now close the packet and say that you are placing them back into the card box.

Air Writer

The words themselves were chosen very carefully to allow the creation of a perfect progressive anagram not branching to be created from them. The blue letters are the ones most likely to be chosen from a given clump.


Ayelet Dekel In the space that previously held meat as a metaphor, a different kind of grilling was taking place. You shouldn’t miss this, it’s propless, clean and direct. Let’s Make a Deal Description: The bigger letters are more common then the smaller ones, some of the more obscure letters are left out left to common sense, e.

It’s simple astounding, impromptu, and gaff-less. Though I can fit all the picture cards in there, less is more and I do need to leave room for the money. Then you peek without showing your mate. To illustrate the potential impact future laws may have on culture, Yaaron donned handcuffs and demonstrated that these do not present an obstacle to performing, saying: Dominic Reyes — Thanks for taking the time for this short interview Bill.

Then, ask them what color they changed it to. We can also add a follow-on-twitter if you have a twitter account and an author video, for example an interview or similar. Is it an Apple?

Magic Ebook

I also can divine a chosen ESP symbol. Bending the Will The Fair. Have them think of a word, and then a Aor country that starts with the last letter of that word, and then something like a vehicle automobile that begins with the letter. You then have the third spectator look at the first spectator’s actual card. Ask them to think of a fruit, and then shake their hand.