Editorial Reviews. Review. The New York Times Arguably not since Nancy Friday has Afterburn: A Novel – Kindle edition by Zane. Download it once and read. Read Afterburn by Zane by Zane by Zane for free with a 30 day free trial. Read eBook on the web, iPad, iPhone and Android. Blessings, Zane Solitaire: Afterburn 2. Zane Every man dies. Not every man really lives. -William Wallace From the Journal of Yardley Brown October

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Afterburn is another book as part of my “Zane Project” and another book I have previously read from Zane. Visit her online at EroticaNoir. They went to college together. But that still does not make survival any easier.

WTF was that all about? Take for example, Boomquisha, the gum-snapping, acrylic nail wearing hairdresser. I’m not into the erotic fiction but to me had just the right amount of sex. I have no fear of death; my greatest fear is of living a year longer, a decade longer, a lifetime longer… without my dearest Rayne.


Feb 13, Erica rated it liked it. I read this for a book club meeting with my wine group meet-up. Same drama, different day. I need to get up anyway. She did look like a princess when she was buried in it… along with the wedding band that I had ny to place on her finger and holding the bouquet that she had planned to carry.

Afterburn Book Summary and Study Guide

In fact, she is so physically appealing t I ordered Afterburn, my first Zane novel around the age aftefburn sixteen, and I must admit it had me clutching at my proverbial pearls. I love that she can write romance that’s so erotic yet tasteful.

By just the mere thought of being with him?


There’s Rayne’s erratic mother, who constantly boasts zanee being a “good whore”; Yardley’s playboy buddies, always trolling for sex; and, worst of all, past lovers who make a habit of popping up and ruining things as only old flames or previous mistakes can.

That decision interrupted her life but she dealt with it. Dec 07, Brittney rated it it was ok Shelves: Photograph courtesy of the author. Sometimes I feel like I have been cheated but I also feel blessed to ever have known Rayne in the first place.

Yardley has problems throughout the book with relationships also. Rayne loved for me to wash her back. This should have been titled as “Afterthought” because for me I fell asleep barely 10 pages into reading it.

Its a hard to get non-chalante meet but very cute.

Afterburn by Zane

Back Order Back Order. It took me too damn long to convince you to marry me in the first place. Jun 07, Torianna Gorden rated it it was amazing. Or Mike and Felix, who are Yardley’s basketball dunking, women playing friends. The true craziness, however, is just beginning, thanks to a cast of characters who seem bent on botching the young couple’s relationship. I was propped up on some pillows, watching the Boston Red Sox and the St.

Her heart aches for me and I wish that it did not have to be that way, but there is nothing that I can do avterburn console her when I am a zombie, barely functioning throughout the daily course of life. Man, if that isn’t a whore I don’t ny what is. Afterburn is about two almost-thirty-year-olds name Rayne and Yardley who find each other after a long series of relationship dramas and woes.

It was like, deep down inside, she somehow discerned that she would never see me again.

No trivia or quizzes yet. It was an ivory, silk satin, one-shouldered gown with a hand-draped bodice, and jeweled brooches at the neckline and waist. I love reading recommendations and especially ones that have my mind thinking long after I have finished.


What took her so long to say yes and give in to lve? As I have just finished this zan I know it will be on my mind for a long time afterwards. Although I enjoyed this book, it’s not one of my absolute favs.

Let me just say my vacation was for a week and the book was finished by the time I got back. Also, the language is a bit too cringe for me. Rayne and Yardley are the two main characters we get to watch grow and get hurt through different relationships. But what is that mission? Jan 11, Lina rated it it was ok Shelves: Jan 01, Zqne rated it liked it Shelves: She looked drained; like the bath had done absolutely no good. One of my favorite would be when Yardley and Rayne finally end up meeting aftreburn going out on a date the afterburrn day and also the following day.

Every book she writes it makes me wonder if she has experience these words or have talk to other to inspire her thoughts.

Afterburn 2, I have decided to return the love and post the beginning afterburm the book. This simply cannot be the end. I still cannot believe that today is the third anniversary of her death. Maybe that is because I spend so many nights alone, staring at the digital clock on top of my television as I toss and turn trying to fall to sleep in order to escape the pain.