Dynamika ewangelizacji według adhortacji apostolskiej Evangelii gaudium Dynamics of evangelization in the apostolic exhortation „Evangelii gaudium” of. Kraków , p. Cf. The Holy Father Francis, Adhortacja apostolska Evangelii Gaudium [The. Apostolic Exhortation Evangelii Gaudium], Kraków. Key words: Evangelii gaudium, Pope Francis, Church Communications, Evangelization, Tytuł Adhortacji Radość Ewangelii stanowi doskonałą syntezę tonu i.

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Kerygmatic and mystagogical catechesis. Frequently, we act as arbiters of grace rather than its facilitators.

I readily acknowledge that many women share pastoral responsibilities with priests, helping to guide people, families and groups and offering new contributions to theological reflection. No one can strip us of the dignity bestowed upon us by this boundless and unfailing love.

We are not asked to be flawless, but to keep growing and wanting to grow as we advance along the path of the Gospel; our arms must never grow slack. What is called for is an evangelization capable of shedding light on these new ways of relating to God, to others and to the world around us, and inspiring essential values. Proclaiming the Gospel message to different cultures also involves proclaiming it to professional, scientific and academic circles.


As children of this age, evnagelii, all of us are in some way affected by the present globalized culture which, while offering us values and gaueium possibilities, can also limit, condition and ultimately harm us. The same Spirit is that harmony, just as he is the bond of love between the Father and the Son.

Through the influence of the media, rural areas are being affected by the same cultural changes, which are significantly altering their way of life as aehortacja. One concrete sign of such openness is that our church doors should always be open, so that if someone, moved gwudium the Spirit, comes there looking for God, he or she will not find a evangleii door.


Evangelization is the task of the Church. But by acknowledging his poverty and desiring to grow in his commitment, he will always be able to abandon himself to Christ, saying in the words of Peter: How many wars take place within the people of God and in our different communities! No to a financial system which rules rather than serves. Perhaps the most exciting invitation is that of the prophet Zephaniah, who presents God with his people in the midst of a celebration overflowing with the joy of salvation.

We know that the faithful attach great importance to it, and that both they and their ordained ministers suffer because of homilies: Let everyone admire how you care for one another, and how you encourage and accompany one another: Under no circumstance can this invitation be obscured! Moreover, a good mother can recognize everything that God is bringing about in her children, she listens evangelil their concerns and learns from them.

Every authentic experience of truth and goodness seeks by its very nature to grow within us, and any person who has experienced a profound liberation becomes more sensitive to the needs of others.

This is a good thing. In our time humanity is experiencing a turning-point in its history, as we can see from the advances being made in so many fields. It can also translate into a concern to be seen, into a social life full of appearances, meetings, dinners and receptions. Our falling short of perfection should be no excuse; on the contrary, mission is a constant stimulus not to remain mired in mediocrity but to continue growing.

All creation shares in the joy of salvation: The Synod adhogtacja that the new evangelization is a summons addressed to all and that it is carried out in three principal settings.

It celebrates every small victory, every step forward in the work of evangelization. Moreover, pastors and the lay faithful who accompany their brothers and sisters in faith or on a journey of openness to God must always remember what the Catechism of the Catholic Church teaches quite clearly: If we were able to take this route, it would be so good, so soothing, so liberating and hope-filled!


In many places, the problem is more that of widespread indifference and relativism, linked to disillusionment and the crisis of ideologies which has come about as a reaction to any-thing which might appear totalitarian. It must reach the places where new narratives and paradigms are being formed, bringing the evanfelii of Jesus to the inmost soul of our cities.


To those who feel far from God and the Church, to all those who are fearful or indifferent, I would like to say this: As it expands, goodness takes root and adhotracja.

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Evangelization consists mostly of patience and disregard for constraints of time. Countless issues involving evangelization today might be discussed here, but I have chosen not to explore these many questions which call for further reflection and study. When preaching takes place within the context of the liturgy, it is part of the offering made to the Father and a mediation of the grace which Christ pours out during the celebration.

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They are present to those enslaved by different addictions in the poorest places on earth. Goodness always tends to spread.

We need to look at our cities with a contemplative gaze, a gaze of faith which sees God dwelling in their homes, in their streets and squares. Dialogue is much more than the communication of a truth. To interpret a biblical text, we need to be gauium, to put aside all other concerns, and to give it our time, interest and undivided attention. The first step, after calling upon eavngelii Holy Spirit in prayer, is to give our entire attention to the biblical text, which needs to be the basis of our preaching.

Jesus can also break through the dull categories with which we would enclose him and he constantly amazes us by his divine creativity.